Finding What Works for You in Addiction Recovery

Willow Place on December 27, 2017
Finding What Works for You in Addiction Recovery

Being in addiction recovery takes a lot of work, there is no doubt about that. There is also no question that it is essential that you get into treatment in order to start the recovery process. Addiction treatment sets the foundation for a healthy recovery and gives you the tools you need for success. Without it, you have a much bigger chance of relapsing and having a rocky road in front of you.

That being said, everyone’s recovery is individual. You’ll find that when you go to treatment, your course of care will be specifically designed to fit your needs. It will be completely tailored to you, your history, your mental and physical health, and your addiction. Treatment will also continue to be modified for the duration of your stay to make sure you are always getting the most out of it.

Addiction Recovery is All About You

It doesn’t stop there. The purpose of a rehab that caters specifically for you and designs a unique program for you is to give you exactly what you need to get and stay sober. It is a foundation for sending you back into the real world so that you can put those tools to use and have a successful recovery.

A big part of your recovery will be all about finding what works for you. No two recovery experiences are the same, so what works for a friend of yours may not work for you. There’s nothing wrong with this, it is just a matter of finding what clicks for you!

This begins when you are looking for a rehab. There are a lot of qualified treatment facilities that exist, so it is up to you to find one that is a good fit for you. Think about your own addiction and make sure that the facility caters to it. For example, some places specialize in opiate recovery, while others alcohol. Also, consider if you have had any past trauma in your life and you may suffer from PTSD. Many facilities like ours focus heavily on trauma, so it is a good idea for you to seek a place like that. Make sure to ask a lot of questions before you agree to go to a facility to make sure you will be able to get the most out of your treatment that you can.

Continuing Addiction Recovery Successfully

Once you are out of treatment, the same rules apply. You always have to make sure what you are doing works for you. You will always want to consider continued care after rehab, because stopping cold turkey is the perfect storm for relapse. However, you can build your own continued care program by choosing from the many addiction recovery programs that exist.

For example, you might choose to go to a sober living home, which is a great move for anyone who is in recovery. On the other hand, you may have obligations that keep you living in your original home. For the person in the sober living home, they will most likely be required to go to 12-step meetings, and sober homes keep them accountable for their sobriety and actions with random testing and checks. For the person at home, they may choose to go to an intensive outpatient program a number of days per week to keep up with their recovery and stay accountable even though they are living at home. Either way, you need to make sure your sobriety is your number one goal.

Finding what works for you applies to everything. Find sober hobbies you genuinely enjoy taking part in and you will be all the more likely to succeed in your addiction recovery. Find a therapist that works for you. Find a job that makes you happy so you are less tempted to relapse. Don’t ever feel like there is only one option out there for you, it is just a matter of staying focused and moving forward until you find what fits. That goes for everything in your addiction recovery. Staying sober is all about putting yourself first.

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