A Few Things to Give Up for Substance Abuse Recovery

Becki Meerbeek on July 28, 2017
A Few Things to Give Up for Substance Abuse Recovery

The hard part is over. You’ve decided to take a stab at getting sober. But before you start your journey with substance abuse recovery, there are a few things that you should consider. First and foremost, don’t attempt recovery alone. Support is all around you; from treatment, community meetings, to even online chat rooms. A big part of the reason why people get sober is that they lean on the guidance of those around them. You are no different, as you are a human who benefits from your relationships with others. Second, you need to understand that substance abuse recovery isn’t about only letting go of your drug of choice, it’s about letting go of much more so that you can live life with renewed perceptions and sense of self. So, before taking the first few steps on your journey to healing and recovery, be prepared to give up a few things first.

Letting go of Anger throughout Substance Abuse Recovery

Not only is anger detrimental to your chance for recovery success, but releasing anger gives you a greater chance of a life of long-term sobriety. For some people who have developed an addiction, anger was a driving factor. To self-medicate the effects of anger, some individuals may have utilized drugs and developed an addiction that way. For these individuals, anger is a major trigger for relapse. So, it’s important to understand how to let go of anger so that it doesn’t put your recovery at risk. Additional to letting anger go, it’s extremely beneficial to achieve happiness throughout recovery. Although easier said than done, achieving happiness places individuals at a greater chance for a life of recovery success. Happiness is a mental state, not something that happens to you. So, if you can work on letting go of anger and working on a state of personal happiness, your recovery efforts will be well worth it.

Letting go of Trying to be Perfect throughout Substance Abuse Recovery

It may be hard to believe, but many individuals who have developed an addiction are perfectionists. Constantly trying to please everyone, get everything done on time, and make things perfect is stressful. The effects of drugs and alcohol help for a little while until a dependency forms. For these individuals, it’s important to let go of trying to be perfect. Nothing is perfect, and your recovery journey won’t be either. You’re going to make mistakes, and you’re going to have a few back steps. But, that doesn’t mean you should give up! Don’t see your recovery missteps as a reason to give up. Instead, do what you can each day to become free from addiction, and the rest will follow.

Letting go of being the Addiction Scapegoat

All too often, individuals who are attempting to gain successful recovery will see themselves as the victim. Although it’s true that addiction is a disease, it’s not only affecting you. It affects all those that you love. Additionally, you are the one who decided to start using your drug of choice, albeit you may not have known you would develop an addiction. To gain the helpful insight you will need to understand more about your addiction so that you may heal, you’ll have to give up the victim mentality. Without doing so, you’ll never understand how to address the underlying causes of your addiction so that true healing can take place.

Let go of Waiting for the Perfect Moment

You have decided that you want to quit, but have you decided when? If you are waiting for the right moment, be assured that there is none. Life is a series of events which do not stop occurring because of your wants or needs. Every day that you wait to get help is another day you are putting yourself at risk for overdose. It’s also another day your loved ones are being hurt by the consequences of your addiction. So, stop waiting for the perfect moment that will never come. Decide to get the help that you need today. Call the Willow Place for Women to learn more about the treatment opportunities at our addiction treatment facilities and start your road to recovery today!


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