Gratitude and Goals

Dixie on January 7, 2015
Gratitude and Goals

Many years ago, a very wise woman offered me an opportunity to participate in an exercise for the year’s end and new year’s beginning.  I wrote a gratitude list for the year past, focusing on every facet of my life.  I was grateful for the challenges that taught me lessons of strength, patience and understanding.  I was grateful for the obstacles that taught me to find opportunity and I was grateful for the seeming misfortunes that brought about experience, strength and hope.  I took time to reflect upon the people I was grateful for, who helped guide me through the year with dignity and grace.  I saw how truly blessed I was in spite of all the changes life naturally brings us through.   I, then had the opportunity to look inside at what I truly wanted out of the upcoming year and to ask God for His plan for my life.  I listed all the goals I have for myself; personally and professionally, mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.  This was an opportunity to bring forth a new light into my life and open the door to all the great possibilities for the upcoming year.

Each year, I have completed this exercise.  I take time in prayer and meditation to ground myself with my God and His will for my life.  I find this to be a great time for reflection and introspection.  It’s an opportunity to see my challenges as blessings and to hope for an even brighter future.  As we dive into 2015, I have great hope for Willow Place.  It’s a time of growth and renewal; to build upon the strong foundation we have and to expand our services, our facilities and provide healing opportunities for even more beautiful women.  Our goal is to gain Joint Commission accreditation for both North Carolina and Florida locations, as well as expand our ever growing facility in North Carolina.  After only one year in Florida we had to seek a facility double in size to support our growth and now, in North Carolina, we are seeking this growth opportunity as well.  This year we are also expanding our marketing territory to the West Coast, attending the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals (IAEDP) symposium in Phoenix, Arizona and the Lifestyles Intervention Conference in Las Vegas.  We are excited to meet new faces and build strong relationships in the Western United States.

I look forward to sharing a few more opportunities with you along the way, for now, we are grateful for the support of our communities here in North Carolina, Florida and all over the East Coast.  We are grateful for the opportunity to share our love and compassion with your daughters, wives, sisters and friends.  And we are forever grateful for our phenomenal staff that leads these women along their path to stability, hope and healing everyday.

With Love,


Dixie Brown

Executive Director

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