Keeping Your Eating Disorder Recovery a Priority While Going Back to School

Willow Place on July 21, 2022
Keeping Your Eating Disorder Recovery a Priority While Going Back to School

It’s almost August, which means that many people are thinking about their upcoming fall semester in school. For many women in eating disorder recovery, this can be a time of worry as the changing lifestyle from summer to school can seem drastic and unknown. During this time, it’s important to keep eating disorder recovery a priority for women who are in treatment for or are recovering from eating disorders. Fortunately, there are a few things that these individuals can do in order to remain focused on healing from disordered eating behaviors. And, keep persevering toward meeting eating disorder recovery goals. 

Some things that you can do to keep your eating disorder recovery a priority before going back to school include: 

Remembering That Your Healing is Number One

It’s important to stay committed to your goals for healing if you are wanting to make your recovery a priority. If you forget the purpose of recovery, you are guaranteed to not focus on your recovery goals and the things you need to do to put your healing first. So, if you have finished an eating disorder treatment program, this means using the tools that you’ve learned throughout treatment and sticking to the routines you know will help you accomplish your recovery goals. This can also mean continuing with therapy sessions, nutritional therapy, and finding support groups in your community to reach out to people who can help and support you. 

Don’t Forget to Stick to Your Routines

Recovery entails changing your lifestyle for a better, healthier one. In all reality, this includes setting and sticking to routines that can help you implement healthier behaviors. So, when going back to school, make sure you’re still sticking to the routines you know to benefit your recovery. These routines can include not skipping meals, getting enough sleep every night, practicing mindfulness techniques, going to therapy sessions, and exercising. 

Keep Communication Open Between Your Support Network

Having support isn’t just important during treatment, it’s important afterward too. Especially, when you’re changing your lifestyle in order to go back to school. Implementing classes and education in your life will undoubtedly change things and may even make your life more stressful, which can be a trigger to revert back to disordered eating behaviors. But, keeping your friends and family who support you most close can help get you through these challenging moments. And, provide you with the support and encouragement you need to keep going with your recovery goals. 

Use the Nutritional Education You’ve Gained 

Healthy eating and refraining from restrictive eating habits are key to going back to school and keeping your eating disorder recovery a priority. So, when making meals, use what you’ve learned from your nutritionists in treatment in order to provide yourself with healthy and nutritional meals. 

Reaching Out for Eating Disorder Help Before Going Back to School

Are you nervous about what it means for your eating disorder recovery when going back to school? Or, do you want to have help for overcoming disordered eating behaviors that are negatively impacting your life? Willow Place for Women offers women’s-only eating disorder treatment in Asheville, North Carolina. We help women on an outpatient basis by providing them with confidential, compassionate, and individualized treatment plans that include education, therapy, and more. Find out more about our outpatient treatment services and more from our website. 

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