Why It’s a Good Idea to Go to a Womens Drug Rehab

Willow Place on July 29, 2016
Why It’s a Good Idea to Go to a Womens Drug Rehab

Womens drug rehab is a great option and something to definitely consider as a woman who needs treatment for drugs, alcohol, or an eating disorder. When searching for a place to get treatment, you’ll run across places that are mixed, or may offer different housing for men and women, but your classes will be together. Here is why it’s a good idea to look for women only centers.

Womens Drug Rehab Provides a Safe Space

Men and women’s recovery needs are different, and the whole point of going to rehab is to take the time to focus completely on yourself. When the opposite sex is around, people tend to get distracted and the focus moves away from themselves and to other people in the room. When you’re in rehab, you’re taking time out of your life to focus on you. By attending a womens drug rehab, you have a better chance of making sure it stays that way.

Women in recovery often have a lot of trauma to deal with and work though. Working exclusively with other women allows them to open up more and stop worrying as much about what someone may think. Sad topics like rape and abuse are extremely difficult to talk about, period. Getting to talk about them among other women is a much safer environment for healing.

You Are Among Your Peers

Being around a bunch of women who are facing the same challenges and battles as you can be empowering, and most people tend to lift each other right up. Friendships and bonds are created to help you stay even stronger in your recovery, without the distraction of how good you think you may or may not look in your jeans.

Women tend to be more nurturing than men, and you’ll find that being in an environment with only females around leads to a very loving and kind atmosphere. When guys are around, it changes things, and while it might be more fun, you also aren’t receiving the time for self-love and care that you would at a womens only rehab.

Avoiding The Dreaded Rehab Romance

One of the biggest pitfalls about coed rehab is “rehab romance”. This when two people in rehab decide to pursue one another, and while there are more often than not strict rules in place against coupling, they may or may not succeed.

Regardless, the focus of being interested in someone while in rehab is not the point, as you are there to work on yourself. All womens drug rehab provides the best space for you to be able to heal and come out on the other side clean, sober, and renewed.

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