Some Group Therapy Topics to Expect to Come up About Addiction

Willow Place on August 29, 2022
Some Group Therapy Topics to Expect to Come up About Addiction

Group therapy is a type of therapy that many people benefit from in order to manage mental health recovery and symptoms of mental health issues. But, it can also be a point of concern for people who may not have had any experience in a mental health treatment setting. Many people who are looking for help with mental health issues may feel overwhelmed with the thought of sharing this personal part of their lives with people they don’t know. Or, may feel nervous about public speaking. However, these thoughts and worries are completely normal. And, many people who use group therapy as a tool find that it’s actually easy to open up about mental health issues using group therapy topics and the guidance of a group therapy counselor.

Group therapy allows people who are facing some of the most challenging moments of their lives to understanding that they aren’t alone. And, that there is support available to them if they are willing to accept it. But, what are some of the things that are brought up during group therapy sessions? And, what can someone who is considering getting help from a mental health facility that offers group therapy expect?

Identifying What Group Therapy Is

Before you can dive into what to expect from group therapy and the topics involved, it can be helpful to understand what group therapy is. Group therapy is a method of counseling that involves a group of people and one or more counselors who guide the session. Group counselors present various topics and activities for the group to engage in. This can include discussing one person at a time about thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Or, practicing helpful coping skills, like active listening or setting boundaries, with other people in the group. Group therapy is a therapeutic tool that provides a safe and supportive place for people to address and work through issues that relate to mental health diagnoses, rather than work alone to address these issues. Therefore, providing individuals a supportive environment and a community to work through these issues with.

Some Group Therapy Topics to Expect

There are a number of topics that can be brought up during group therapy sessions. Understanding what you may address during group therapy sessions can help you better prepare mentally for bringing these types of issues up with others. However, remember, if you don’t feel comfortable addressing something or a specific topic in group therapy sessions, you are more than welcome to not participate. Some examples of some of the group therapy topics that may come up include:

  • personal recovery experiences
  • trauma
  • relationship issues
  • family experiences
  • how to forgive others
  • setting boundaries
  • working on maintaining and repairing relationships
  • trauma, eating disorder, or substance use triggers

Getting Help for Mental Health Issues at Willow Place for Women

Group therapy is a great asset for helping individuals who are struggling with mental health issues like trauma, eating disorders, substance use disorder, and more. Willow Place for Women offers a women’s-only approach to mental health treatment and offers group therapy so that women in our care can work to better understand that they aren’t alone and get the supportive care they deserve. Find out more about our mental health treatment services that are both outpatient and gender-specific today from our website.

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