Identifying and Addressing High Functioning Depression Symptoms

Willow Place on April 22, 2021
Identifying and Addressing High Functioning Depression Symptoms

Those dealing with high functioning depression experience the same symptoms of major depressive disorder, but still maintain routine function of their lives. Even though people with high functioning depression symptoms may be able to live their lives relatively normally, depression symptoms are still a constant, internal struggle. However, even individuals living with high-functioning depression can find successful and effective ways to manage symptoms of depression through treatment.

What’s High-Functioning Depression and What Does it Look Like?

Depression doesn’t affect every person in the same way. Personality types, genetics, and experiences may play a part in how each person experiences depression. A person with high-functioning depression experiences the symptoms of depression, but may not do so visibly to others. Therefore, they may go about their daily lives without others ever knowing they are suffering from depression symptoms.

High Functioning Depression Symptoms

Due to the fact that a person living with high-functioning anxiety may not showcase outward signs of living with depression, it can be harder to tell when someone is living with this condition. However, there are some signs and signals to look out for that may indicate high-functioning depression including:

  • Having trouble sleeping
  • Difficulty focusing
  • Feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and worthlessness
  • Skipping meals and lack of appetite
  • Reduced energy and fatigue

Symptoms of high-functioning depression may be apparent consistently for a timeframe of at least two years to characterize a diagnosis. Furthermore, during these two years, individuals must experience consistent symptoms for at least two months.

Many individuals diagnosed with high-functioning anxiety may internally struggle with feelings of sadness for extended lengths of time, without having a reason to feel sad. So, they attempt to internally deal with these feelings without symptoms interfering with work, school, or family responsibilities.

Getting Help for High-Functioning Depression

It can be damaging to assume you may be living with high-functioning depression without a clinical diagnosis. When a diagnosis is made, individuals can begin to take advantage of a number of available treatment options. When committed to treatment, individuals living with a high-functioning depression diagnosis can obtain the lasting skills and knowledge necessary to manage symptoms. And, live a life free from the negative symptoms that come with this mental health condition.

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