How to Practice Self Compassion in Eating Disorder Recovery

Willow Place on April 29, 2021
How to Practice Self Compassion in Eating Disorder Recovery

9% of United States citizens are living with eating disorders. So, if you are experiencing eating disorder symptoms or have been in treatment for eating disorders, you’re not alone. During recovery, it’s important to keep up with efforts learned in treatment which can help encourage healthy habits. Learning how to practice self compassion and practicing self compassion is imperative to those recovering from eating disorders. But, doing so can be more difficult than it seems.

Fortunately, there are a few methods individuals can utilize to help them practice self compassion on a regular basis. This way, they get the benefits from practicing this method of instilling a healthy lifestyle in recovery from eating disorders.

The Importance of Self Compassion

How often do you stop to tell yourself how proud you are of how far you have come. Or, that you are worthy of love and affection from those around you? Giving ourselves encouragement and grace is an integral part of self compassion. But, those who struggle with eating disorders may have negative self-reflecting thoughts and behaviors which diminish this self compassion.

A part of walking away from and learning to live without disordered eating patterns is implementing the necessary methods necessary to heal. So, learning how to practice self-care is a critical step in the treatment of eating disorders and in the recovery process.

Identifying the “Critical Voice”

Those living with eating disorders, rather than having positive self-thoughts, can have thoughts negative to self-worth. These thoughts can be referred to as the ‘critical voice’ for people living with these conditions. The critical voice is one of demeaning self-worth and can drive a person’s disordered eating behaviors. It criticizes and belittles until a person living with eating disorders feels helpless and hopeless. Thus, leading to self-damaging behaviors like disordered eating.

Identifying the “Empowering Voice”

The contrast of the critical voice is the ‘empowering voice’, which is one of self-compassion, self-esteem, and self-love. For a person recovering from eating disorders, it’s crucial to identify one’s empowering voice to overcome critical self-thoughts and actions. When a person can identify their empowering voice, they gain control of their thoughts, actions, and even their eating disorders.

How to Practice Self Compassion By Finding Your Empowering Voice

As your empowering voice is one of self-compassion, fostering it is a great method to taking steps toward showing yourself compassion. Some of the ways you can practice fostering your empowering voice include:

  • Staying away from harmful influences like social media in times of distress
  • Journaling about the things you’re grateful for about yourself
  • Acknowledging and accepting emotions and situations you cannot control
  • Remembering to look forward to things you’re excited about in the future
  • Practicing living in the moment with mindfulness meditation techniques
  • Give yourself the advice you’d give to another in your situation
  • List out your goals and what you can do to accomplish them
  • Practice self-care by taking care of yourself

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