Am I Addicted to Cocaine? Identifying Cocaine Addiction Symptoms

Willow Place on January 6, 2022
Am I Addicted to Cocaine? Identifying Cocaine Addiction Symptoms

Cocaine is a stimulant that’s classified as illicit in the United States. But, while it’s illegal to use, it’s also addictive. Essentially, it changes the chemistry of the brain, making it harder to control use as anyone who uses it is exposed to cravings. Prolonged use of cocaine can lead to negative health effects and the development of addiction. But, fortunately, for those who think that they may be experiencing cocaine addiction symptoms, treatment is available and helpful in overcoming dependence and obtaining lifelong recovery.

Understanding What Cocaine Addiction Is

So, what is cocaine addiction exactly? Addiction is when a person continues the use of a substance even though they have begun to experience negative consequences as a result of use. Therefore, cocaine addiction is when an individual continues to use cocaine even though they may be experiencing negative consequences including relationship hardships, the loss of a job, financial problems, negative health effects, or legal issues.

Essentially, cocaine is an addictive substance that creates a temporary euphoric high and symptoms of alertness due to its stimulant properties. Cocaine addiction is something that debilitates daily life as chemical dependency makes people choose to chase after the next high rather than adhering to their daily obligations and responsibilities. So, it’s important to get professional mental health help if you think you or a loved one is experiencing cocaine addiction symptoms.

What are the Symptoms and Signs of Cocaine Addiction?

Typically, cocaine is ingested by either snorting, smoking, or being injected by way of a needle. So, signs of cocaine use can include paraphernalia that is involved in using this drug. Furthermore, signs and symptoms of cocaine addiction can also include behavioral patterns as cocaine dependence can affect personal relationships, job performance, and taking care of daily responsibilities. Finally, as cocaine is an addictive stimulant, using this drug long-term can lead to withdrawal when not in use including emotional outbursts, negative thought patterns, and paranoia.

Some of the warning signs that can signify that someone you love may be dealing with cocaine addiction can include:

  • mood swings and trouble with managing moods (anxiety, stress, depression, anger, etc.) especially when not using cocaine
  • neglecting to take care of personal hygiene
  • nosebleeds and breathing issues caused by snorting the substance
  • avoiding conversations, hiding secrets, or lying about finances

Getting Help for Yourself or a Loved One Struggling With Cocaine Addiction

If you have a loved one who is portraying the signs and symptoms of cocaine addiction, it’s best to remember your own needs and set healthy boundaries and not enable any addictive behavior. And, talk to your loved one about getting the help she needs to become free of cocaine addiction. Or, if you are the person in your life struggling with cocaine addiction, understand that there is freedom in sobriety. And, that professional assistance can help you overcome the grip that cocaine addiction has on your life.

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