Women Mental Health: Practicing Self Love in Recovery

Willow Place on August 24, 2016
Women Mental Health: Practicing Self Love in Recovery

The Journey of Women in Recovery Discovering Self-Worth

Battling with addiction or eating disorders take a toll on how women in recovery see themselves. It is frustrating dealing with an issue that keeps recurring over and over again. After a while of battling with addiction or an eating disorder, many are left feeling anger toward oneself. Some may even hate themselves and even welcome death. Learning about self-love is an important aspect of women mental health and the healing process of recovery.

Why is Loving Yourself so Important for Women Mental Health?

Often addiction and eating disorders are born to cover up feelings of inadequacy or other negative thoughts and feelings. These emotions are something an addict doesn’t want to acknowledge, so they use drugs or their eating disorder to numb the pain. Eventually, this method stops working. The addiction and/or eating disorder starts to affect other areas of life such as relationships, job, and school. Once an addict sees that they have only made matters worse, the cycle of self-hate and addiction continues.

Deciding to love oneself is also deciding to no longer take part in things that are self-destructive. If one discovers self-love, one has no need to run or fear of their own feelings. It is impossible to heal if there is hatred in your heart. Remove the hatred for yourself to stop the cycle of self-hate and abuse in your life.

Ways Women in Recovery can Promote Self-Love:

  • Healthy Eating- Eating right can leave your body and mind running correctly. The brain produces less dopamine, the “natural happy chemical,” when the body is malnourished.
  • Exercise- Along with keeping you looking fabulous, exercising can help with self-love. Exercise gives you more energy and makes you feel better by relieving anxiety and stress.
  • Sleep- Healthy sleep patterns are crucial for self-love. Little sleep has been connected with agitation and low energy. Make sure you sleep for at least 8 hours a day to promote healthy sleeping habits.

Finding Help with Self-Love:

Do not procrastinate when it comes to loving yourself. Do activities that make you happy. Learn about yourself and who you want to become. The earlier that you start to love yourself, the sooner you will see the change in your life.
If you or someone that you know needs help with addiction or eating disorders, do no hesitate to contact Willow Place for Women. We can help you get on the right track to self-love once again.

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