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Interpersonal Process

Interpersonal process is a type of therapy approach which aims to explore different aspects of a patient’s life to discover underlying personal issues which may contribute to the issue at hand. Typically, this individualized therapy will involve diving into an individual’s personal friend and partner relationships, family experiences, and thoughts about their own self. Since both addiction and eating disorders are extremely personal experiences, they can intertwine with very personal parts of life and, they can even be developed as a result of these personal experiences. It’s extremely important to be able to work on the self throughout therapy sessions, and interpersonal therapy is the type of process therapy to do so.

Interpersonal Therapy Sessions

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Stress Management: Stress can be a trigger for those in recovery from eating disorders and/or addiction. And, stress is definitely something that people will come into contact with once treatment ends. It’s important to learn how to identify where stress comes from on an individual basis and how to manage it effectively without it leading to reverting back to old behavior or thought patterns. During interpersonal therapy, patients and therapists work together to confront issues that result in high-stress levels. Also, they work to develop needed coping strategies to deal with stress so that it’s not an issue that will likely lead to relapse.

Goal Setting: Without individual goals for recovery, where would self-motivation come from? While support from friends and family is helpful, the most important support is self-support. Setting personal goals can give people something to strive for, and help to also achieve accomplishments. While setting goals is necessary during treatment, it will also be very important in the days after treatment concludes. So, during interpersonal process sessions, individuals can learn how to effectively set their own personal goals throughout recovery!

Finding Meaning: When a person doesn’t find their personal recovery meaningful, they are unlikely to stick with it. Even more, when a person doesn’t find their life meaningful, they’re unlikely to do anything which helps their lives to prosper. For these reasons, it’s incredibly important to establish meaning in life and recovery throughout treatment. During interpersonal process therapy, individuals can learn to understand the importance of a life meaning. And, can even search for their own so that they have a better outlook on life. In turn, this better outlook can help to boost confidence, increase self-love, and even reduce the risk of relapse.

Asheville Drug Addiction Help | The Willow Place for Women

Spirituality: It may not seem like spirituality has anything to do with recovery from addiction or eating disorders but it plays a pretty important role. However, when most people are told that spirituality is important for recovery, they think of religion. There is a difference between religion and spirituality. And while those who are already established with a religion and have their own set beliefs and relationship with their God, many don’t believe in the ideals of religion or even God at all but these people can still develop a spiritual foundation by believing that they are not in control of their own lives. And, that there is a higher power, whether it be God, the universe, love, etc. Spirituality can help individuals recovering from specific issues to look outside themselves to find life’s purpose.

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