Some Tips on How to Love Your Body More

Willow Place on July 8, 2022
Some Tips on How to Love Your Body More

Especially during the summer months, when everybody is outside and it’s hot, it can be even more challenging to love our bodies. But, everyone who has a body should celebrate it – no matter what time of year it is. Loving your body can give you confidence, improve your self-esteem, and uplift your self-image. So, it’s important, especially for women living with mental health issues like eating disorders, to understand and practice how to love their bodies more. So, in this article, we’ve come up with some tips on how to love your body more this summer. 

Communicate With Your Body

One way we can improve our body love is to express this in language. When we start saying things enough out loud, we begin to believe them. An example of this would be to look at yourself in the mirror and say, “your body is beautiful, your body is strong, your body is healthy”. When we’re grateful and express gratitude for our bodies, we can start to accept that our bodies are wonderful and refrain from having more negative thoughts about our bodies. 

Understand What Your Body is Saying to You

In many ways, our bodies tell us what they need. Learning how to listen to our bodies can help us to better take care of our bodies – which is a form of self-love. Responding to what our bodies are saying they need can provide them with what they need. For example, if you’re sweating, your body is telling you that you need to rehydrate. Also, when your stomach is growling, your body is telling you that you need to eat. When we get better at listening to our bodies, we get better at loving our bodies by responding to what they need. 

Do the Things That You Love This Summer

When we participate in the things that bring us pleasure, we are able to better love our bodies. Sometimes, it can be challenging, when we feel down about ourselves, to muster up the motivation to do the things that bring us joy. So, it’s important to understand that we need to intentionally do these things in order to shape our mindsets. When we participate in activities that we enjoy, our bodies are better suited to deal with stress and illness. So, if you want to love your body more, give it the joy it needs by engaging in your favorite things. 

Don’t Forget to Relax

One good way to show your body love is by giving it the rest it needs. Resting is essential to the body as it helps it to rejuvenate so that it can go back to work. So, not overdoing it and giving your body intentional breaks throughout the day and a restful night’s sleep is necessary for showing our body love. Furthermore, when we are well-rested, we are better prepared to do the things that bring us joy – which our bodies also love. 

Getting Help With Self-Love Through Treatment

Are you having a hard time loving your body and engaging in self-harming behaviors like disordered eating? Treatment can help. Willow Place for Women offers outpatient eating disorder treatment for women who are struggling with eating disorders. Find out how our outpatient services may help you learn how to love your body more and live a more fulfilling life of mental well-being from our website. 

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