Loving Someone Who Is In Alcohol Addiction Recovery

Willow Place on June 20, 2018
Loving Someone Who Is In Alcohol Addiction Recovery

Families all over the world have at least one loved one who is dealing with substance abuse. Unfortunately, many people know what it’s like to have a close friend or loved one who is suffering from an addiction problem. Not only are there entire families which are going through this, but spouses and children are experiencing it, as well. As someone who is closely involved in the situation, you may feel a lot of the stress that comes along with loving an addict. It’s easy to feel caught up in the struggle that your loved one is going through. This is a very difficult time for her. But, it’s while your loved one is going through alcohol addiction recovery, you also need to work on taking care of yourself. Let’s talk about how you can do that.

When You Love Someone Who Has an Addiction

If a woman in your life is in alcohol addiction recovery, you know that she is going through a lot of lifestyle changes. There are new things that she is learning to do. For instance, she may be learning new ways to deal with stress and cope with anxiety. Through therapy and treatment, she is gaining information about how to live without the influence of alcohol. Your loved one needs the help of specialists who understand what she is going through.

At this time, she may be away from you and your family. Perhaps, she is living at an addiction rehab facility or in a sober living environment. For some people, this can leave a void. It is especially hard for people who have worked to get their loved one the help she needs. This is because, now that the individual is in alcohol addiction recovery, her loved ones are not sure about their next step. What is one to do while their loved one is receiving addiction treatment?

If you have a loved one who is going through alcohol addiction recovery, it’s important to take some time to heal. One of the things you can do is attend therapy. It may seem as if your loved one is the only one who needs to see a therapist. But, it’s also helpful for you to gain education about addiction and how to work through this period of your life. It’s not easy to see someone you care about suffer from substance misuse. But, now that the person you love is getting the help she needs, you may be left with concerns. Perhaps, you are unsure about how to support the individual you care about. But, going to therapy and learning more about addiction can certainly help you resolve those concerns.

One thing you also need to do is rid yourself of the need to blame. Don’t blame your loved one for the addiction problem. Also, don’t blame yourself for the issue your loved one is dealing with. Guilt and shame will keep you both from healing. So, instead of placing blame, discover ways to get through the alcohol addiction recovery process with positivity.

Getting Help For Your Loved One

Do you know someone who needs help overcoming her alcohol addiction problem? Does she need someone to help her get through the alcohol addiction recovery process? Now is the time to help her find the help she needs. Here at Willow Place for Women, our mission is to help everyone in our care find freedom from substance abuse. Please don’t wait any longer. Contact Willow Place today so that both you and your loved one can live without the pain of addiction.

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