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Mindfulness Practices to Stay in the Present Moment

Being present allows a person to stay in the here and now rather than focusing and spending energy on the past and future. The term for living in the present and applying this approach is mindfulness. Mindfulness, when utilized during mental health treatment and recovery, can be a useful tool for people who are wanting […]

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Identifying Anxiety Triggers – What Triggers Anxiety Attacks? 

An anxiety attack is an experience an individual may have that is characterized by severe feelings of worry, anxiety, and stress. Anxiety attacks can be paired with physical symptoms like heavy breathing, racing heartbeat, sweating, and pains in the chest. Another phrase that is used to describe anxiety attacks is panic attacks. And, people who […]

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How Biofeedback Techniques Work to Combat Substance Use

Biofeedback techniques are some useful tools for helping individuals in mental health treatment manage emotions and train their brains to react positively. Thus, allowing for a number of benefits and improvements to daily life and wellbeing. Find out if this type of therapy is something you or a loved one could use to improve healing […]

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Take Advantage of Self Care Activities During COVID-19 Isolation

With stay at home orders in place during this uncertain time of the COVID-19 outbreak, the nation is going indoors in attempts to help stop the spread of this virus. Certainly, it’s a time to prepare and stay as safe as possible by practicing the CDC’s suggestions. But, it is also a time when we’ll […]

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How Adventure Therapy Can Help on Your Recovery Journey

There are so many things a person can do to address mental health issues. Whether you’re living with a mental health diagnosis like bipolar depression, PTSD, or even substance abuse disorder, or something else, there are certainly many avenues of help you can take. However, medication and counseling can only do so much. And, many […]

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Why Self Care is Important to Recovery and Isn’t Selfish at All

Self care is basically taking care of the self. And, it’s important to recovering from mental health issues like trauma, addiction, and eating disorders. However, many people may feel like self care in recovery may be selfish. But, in fact, it’s the exact opposite. Learning to take care of the self can help to promote […]

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Walking Towards Recovery: Get the Most Out of Your Daily Walk

If you’ve been in recovery for a while, you know that exercise does wonders for those in recovery. The benefits of exercise for those in recovery are plentiful. They include helping with mood management, creating endorphins, and allowing you to remain in the present moment (mindfulness). Certainly, there are many different forms of exercise you […]

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Identifying and Understanding the Causes of Trauma

Trauma is something that plagues many people today. Some individuals who deal with the effects of it may not even be aware of the reason behind them. It’s important to know about trauma before we try to treat the effects. In other words, a person who is living with the aftermath of a traumatic experience […]

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What You Can and Can’t Do when a Loved One has a Drug Relapse

A drug relapse in a loved one can feel like a stab in the heart. When it is a spouse, it feels as if that person cheated on you and part of your relationship died. There is a feeling of hopelessness and major anxiety no matter who the addict is. It takes time, but the […]

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The Benefits of Yoga for Women in Addiction Recovery

Addiction recovery is one of the most delicate transitions for a woman’s mind and body. Building the foundation of an addiction-free life after rehab requires both to be healthy. There are numerous methods and programs ranging from traditional to alternative or complementary to treat addiction, and it seems as though more and more are shifting […]