What’s Sleep Got to do With It? 3 Mental Health Benefits of Sleep

Willow Place on February 22, 2021
What’s Sleep Got to do With It? 3 Mental Health Benefits of Sleep

Mental health treatment isn’t just counseling or going to treatment sessions. It’s about implementing healthy behaviors into one’s lifestyle in order to better take care of one’s own mental health too. One of the things, during treatment, individuals will learn about is the importance of sleep for health. And, the mental health benefits of sleep. Find out more about why it’s vital to instill healthy sleep patterns for successful mental health treatment in this blog.

1. Sleep Can Help with Stress Management

Did you know that getting enough sleep can help you manage high levels of stress? Sleep gives the body and brain enough time to restore vital functions and chemicals responsible for mood management. So, when a person doesn’t get enough sleep, they may experience a reduced capacity to manage stress. Thus, resulting in stress-related issues like being easily irritated, unable to concentrate, and overwhelming exhaustion.

2. Sleep Helps Combat Depression

As sleep helps the brain and body regulate moods, it can also be a helpful tool in combatting depression, a mood-related problem. For those living with depression, insomnia is a common symptom. This is why sleep is a huge part of treatment for those with depression, as sleep helps individuals regulate their mood and reduce symptoms of depression. For those living with depression, a lack of sleep can make symptoms worsen, lead to heightened paranoia, and cause further issues with sleep in the long run.

3. Sleep Helps Reduce Anxiety

Along with helping individuals living with symptoms of depression and stress, sleep can also help to reduce symptoms of anxiety. Anxiety, another mood-related issue, can get worse with less sleep. As sleep is responsible for helping the body regulate emotions, anxiety can grow as an individual doesn’t get the necessary amount of sleep for mental health. Furthermore, a lack of sleep can make anxiety worse. So, it’s important for individuals who are already dealing with anxiety to try to get the sleep they need. Whether anxiety is a result of not enough sleep or anxiety is getting worse due to poor sleep patterns, sleep is a big part of addressing anxiety and anxiety-related conditions.

The Other Benefits of Sleep

Along with the mental health benefits of sleep, there are also a number of other health benefits of sleep. These benefits can assist individuals on their mental health journey, as a healthy body can assist with a healthy mind. Some of the other complimentary benefits of sleep can include:

  • a boosted immune system; aiding in the body’s fight against foreign bacterias and viruses
  • increased heart function
  • better memory and focus
  • improved physical fitness performance
  • decreased risk for chronic and life-threatening illnesses (ex: heart failure and diabetes)
  • better productivity
  • and more!

Treatment That Understands the Mental Health Benefits of Sleep

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Here at Willow Place for Women, we help women living with various mental health issues learn to live their best lives that encourage mental wellbeing. This is why our outpatient treatment approach includes education about sleep and the mental health benefits of sleep. Also, assistance with instilling healthy behaviors, including getting enough sleep. This way, women in our care can get the best support they need to instill lifestyle changes that inspire mental, physical, and emotional health and wellbeing.

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