Do You Need Residential Eating Disorder Treatment?

Willow Place on April 13, 2017
Do You Need Residential Eating Disorder Treatment?

It is estimated that over eight million Americans suffer from an eating disorder. Of those, seven million are women and one million are men. This is a huge number to think about, and what makes it even scarier is that the majority of these people don’t get the help they need. They end up suffering consequences like poor health, damaged relationships, co-occurring disorders like anxiety and depression, and in the worst cases, death. The best thing a person can do if they are suffering from anorexia, bulimia, or binge eating disorder is to attend residential eating disorder treatment.

How to Know if You Need Residential Eating Disorder Treatment

If you have an eating disorder, chances are you were in denial about it for a long time, or maybe you still are. You might even falsely believe that you are in control and can stop your behavior by yourself at any time if you want to. Unfortunately, people who try to fix their eating disorder on their own often fall right back into old habits, making eating disorders very hard to get over without help from a residential eating disorder treatment center.

There are a few surefire signs that you are suffering from an eating disorder. These are examples of red flags that indicate it is time to find help before things get out of hand. The earlier you get help, the better. You’ll have a better chance at recovery, and you’ll be able to be healthy before more irreversible health problems come up.

Five Signs You Need Help With Your Eating Disorder:

1. You obsessively track your food intake and restrict what you eat. Calorie counters and fat content control your life and you make sure to never exceed a particular number of calories. The number of calories you allow yourself might be too small to sustain your health, yet you feel “fat” if you go over your number. For women, it is suggested that at least 1,200 calories be consumed daily. If you find yourself setting strict rules about what you eat and how much, it is time to think about why you are doing so.

2. Your mood is affected by what and how much you eat. Do you feel extremely low and moody if you eat too much? And on the flip side do you feel elated and giddy when you are sticking to your diet? Sure, food does affect your mood, but if eating an extra cookie can ruin your night, food is controlling your emotions, and that signifies a definite problem.

3. You force yourself to throw up. If you ever find yourself purging after eating, it is time to get help. Unless a person accidentally ingests poison, there is no reason to ever make yourself get sick on purpose. Forcing it in order to get rid of calories you consumed is incredibly unhealthy and can lead to a host of health issues. This is never healthy behavior and always requires immediate attention.

4. You are never happy with your appearance. Obsessing about your size and appearance isn’t healthy. Sure, everyone likes to look good and feel good, but if you have set an unrealistic standard for yourself and get depressed because you aren’t there, you most likely have something called body dysmorphia. Unfortunately, magazines, Instagram, and other celebrity images make people – especially young women – have a warped sense of what is normal. Rather than size, your focus should be on being healthy.

5. You have suffered from health issues due to eating badly. Finally, if you have suffered from any health issues due to restricting your eating or binging or purging, get help. Things won’t get better, they’ll only progressively get worse. Don’t wait to find out how bad things can get, because at that point it might be too late.

If you need help, residential eating disorder treatment is the way to go. You’ll be around knowledgeable staff who have helped countless people in the same situation as you. You’ll learn new ways to channel your energy into positive, healthy activities. You’ll also be in a completely different environment where you can focus entirely on yourself with no outside distractions. This kind of treatment is exactly what you need to refocus your time and energy and learn how to live a healthy lifestyle. If you need eating disorder treatment, contact Willow Place for Women at 1-888-651-4212 for information about our program.

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