Defeating Negative Thought Patterns When You Feel Stuck

Willow Place on November 16, 2020
Defeating Negative Thought Patterns When You Feel Stuck

Our thoughts influence how we feel. So, when we get caught up using negative thought patterns, it can be easy to feel like we’re stuck in a rut. Especially for people in recovery from mental health issues, it’s vital to be able to maintain healthy, positive thinking patterns. This way, emotions are better managed. And, therefore, maintain successful and lasting recovery.

The Dangers of Negative Thinking

Specifically today, there’s a need to address how negative thinking plays a part in mental health. Especially as the current COVID19 pandemic affects every person’s life on some level. But, even with increased awareness and help, many are still experiencing the damaging impacts of the disease. For example, loss of income or job, drastic life changes, added stress and worry, and more.

Negative impacts of the current situation and changes going on in the world can and do bring on negative thoughts. Thus, leading to unwanted and overwhelming emotions that can lead to unhealthy and self-damaging behaviors. That’s why it’s even more important that people gain the skills needed to change and overcome negative thought patterns.

Some Tools to Dealing with Negative Thoughts

Thankfully, if you can adopt some simple practices, you can work on adapting negative thought patterns so they don’t interfere with your mental health. Some things you can work on that help with negative thinking include:

Identification: The first step in overcoming negative thoughts is to identify them and how they’re leading to negative emotions. Without being able to recognize your negative thoughts, it becomes more difficult to keep them from spiraling out of control. While negative thoughts can be different from person to person, it’s important to try to address the ones you experience. This can include over-analyzing, thoughts about self-harm, and exaggerated worry.

Acceptance: Once you can recognize the negative thought patterns you may experience, the next step is to accept them. We can’t always determine what we’ll think. But, we can determine how we’ll respond to our thoughts. So, it’s important to be able to not only recognize our negative thoughts, but look them straight in the face, and validate their existence so we can move forward.

Act: After being able to identify and accept negative thoughts, you can act on developing a plan of attack on how to respond to negative thoughts. Or, simply not respond at all. While it takes practice to identify and accept unhealthy thinking patterns, doing this will help you better respond to them. After a while, you’ll notice that your thinking changes positively, and the negative thoughts will be fewer.

Furthermore, another way to act on your negative thoughts is by expression. Expressing your feelings can help you accept and process them so you can move on. And, there are a number of ways you can go about doing so. For example, creative outlets like art, exercise, sports, meditation, and therapy.

Getting Help When You’re Feeling Stuck in Your Negative Thoughts

Are your negative thoughts taking over? Willow Place for Women helps give women the tools they need to overcome negative thinking. And, obtain a lasting life of recovery by gaining knowledge and skills needed for optimal mental health and wellbeing.

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