Nutrition Education in Eating Disorder Treatment

Willow Place on November 18, 2016
Nutrition Education in Eating Disorder Treatment

Undoubtedly, nutrition education is the most vital part of eating disorder treatments at The Willow Place for Women. Those with eating disorders lack the proper nutritional education, so they make decisions that are harmful to their mind and body. Implementing what women learn in eating disorder treatment will give them the best chance of success outside of treatment. Nutrition education will provide women who suffer from eating disorders the knowledge to make the best nutritional decisions once they enter back into their daily routines.

What does Eating Disorder Treatments Involve?

Upon arrival at the Willow Place for Women, each individual is medically examined to determine the effects of the eating disorder on mental and physical health. From those assessments, we can determine the severity of the condition and determine a thorough treatment plan. After the medical examination, patients are educated in proper vitamin use and meal planning that helps them make the right decisions that benefit their nutrition once treatment ends. Eating nutritionally isn’t just counting calories, it’s about understanding the importance of nutrition on the body. When an individual does not understand the importance of nutrition, they will make unhealthy consumption choices that will leave their body in neglect of vital nutrients it needs to perform properly.

Useful Education in Eating Disorder Treatments

Many women who enroll into eating disorder treatment believe they have an understanding of nutrition and how it should work. These women may have knowledge of how nutrients affect the body, but they use this information to damage their bodies instead of support its function. Nutrition education in eating disorder treatment will educate women who:

  • Are chronic dieters
  • Neglect certain foods or food groups
  • Measure or count their food obsessively
  • Determine foods to be in either “good” or “bad” categories
  • Neglect eating food in front of others
  • Experience problems ordering meals or determining what to eat

Implementing Nutrition Education into Treatments

Many women who struggle with eating disorders will lose touch with the language of their body when it tells them that something isn’t right. Nutrition education in eating disorder treatment is a process of regaining that language with your own body. It’s also about understanding what your body really needs and wants. Effective methods of treatment include meal planning, counseling, education, and vitamin management will help to control the process of regaining touch with your body in eating disorder treatment. If you or a loved one suffers from an eating disorder, treatment is proven to be effective. Don’t suffer any longer. It is possible to love yourself without damaging your body with the lack of nutrition. Enroll into the eating disorder program at The Willow Place for Women to gain the nutrition education that you need.

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