Eating Disorder Help in the form of Online Therapy

Willow Place on April 7, 2020
Eating Disorder Help in the form of Online Therapy

We’ve never had to uproot our lifestyles and put them on hold for the sake of a virus epidemic before now. And, not only are people having to postpone plans and halt their usual routines, people are losing their jobs, having to stay away from the ones they love, and even getting sick and dying. With all these changes and uncertainty going on, it’s not hard to get swept up in the fear of it all. And, lose sight of a positive mindset that can keep you from experiencing the loneliness, anxiety, and stress that you may encounter during this time. For people recovering from eating disorders, these emotions and changes in daily routines can be a challenge. So, it’s important to take care and make adjustments to protect one’s recovery. One way to experience some eating disorder help during self-isolating is to take advantage of online therapy options.

What is Online Therapy?

So what exactly is online therapy for eating disorders? Essentially, it’s just online counseling using various software that allows for such interaction. With online therapy, people receiving outpatient treatment for eating disorders, trauma, and substance abuse can continue getting the support they need from the comfort of their own homes.

Nowadays, with our super technologically advanced devices, most of us are pretty comfortable using video conferencing tools like Facetime, Zoom, and Skype. Typically, online mental health therapy uses software much like these tools. So, you can meet face to face with a therapist and even others in group counseling sessions without ever having to actually be with each other in person.

One thing about mental health therapy that allows it to be so effective is that it provides a safe space for individuals to talk about their thoughts, emotions, and experiences. This is due to the confidential environment that’s so important for building a patient/therapist relationship that’s based on trust. During online therapy sessions, you don’t have to worry about losing this trust. This is because all sessions are still 100% confidential and between you and your mental health specialist.

Benefits of Using Online Therapy for Eating Disorder Help Now

Eating Disorder Help in the form of Online TherapyJust like all therapy, there are certainly some benefits you can take away from online therapy classes during this global epidemic. Some of the benefits of online therapy for eating disorder help may include:

  • Ease of access and time management
  • Allows for 24-hour availability for emergency situations
  • Offers safety from the obvious threat of not social distancing and isolation during this uncertain time

Some Downfalls of Online Therapy

Surely, it’s optimal to be immersed in a therapeutic setting, surrounded by supportive outlets and individuals. However, sometimes, that can’t be done. So, the next best thing has to come into play to offer that support and the necessary resources. Unfortunately, with online therapy sessions, there are a few drawbacks. So, it’s important to understand what these may be so you have realistic expectations of what to expect.

For instance, some drawbacks of mental health therapy online for eating disorder help may include:

  • Since technology isn’t foolproof and individuals may have different internet providers, technical issues may come into play
  • You may have to describe emotions, feelings, and experiences in more detail as your therapist may not have a total description of your body language using technological assets.
  • Since sessions happen inside your home, there is still a risk for people overhearing and breaching confidence. So, prepare by creating a safe, confidential environment and headphones to use so you have your privacy.

Getting Eating Disorder Help During the COVID19 Epidemic

Are you struggling with an eating disorder, especially since the suggested isolation period during this worldwide epidemic?

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Willow Place for Women is a women’s only outpatient eating disorder, trauma, and substance abuse treatment facility. During this epidemic, we are still working to provide support for the women in our community. Do you think that online therapy can help during this uncertain time of the COVID19 virus? Reach out to us today to tell us about what you’re dealing with.

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