Avoiding Relapse After Overcoming Drug Addiction

Willow Place on September 21, 2018
Avoiding Relapse After Overcoming Drug Addiction

In a lot of cases, people who go through treatment for an addiction problem find themselves struggling when treatment is over. It’s not uncommon for a person to experience challenges as they live their lives in recovery. Many individuals feel a little overwhelmed by the task of getting back into normal life after they’ve gone through drug and alcohol addiction treatment. After all, how do you find normalcy after having gone through so many changes. Even though treatment helps to change your life for the better, it can be difficult to adjust to life afterwards. And the challenges that people face during that transition can sometimes lead them to relapse and return to lives of alcohol and drug addiction. But, these challenges are a part of the recovery journey. And, when treatment is all over, that journey continues. But there are many things you can do in order to avoid relapse after overcoming drug addiction in your life.

What Does it Mean to Relapse?

You have probably heard of the word “relapse” quite often in regards to recovery from addiction. Unfortunately, in some cases, people suffer from addiction relapse. Overcoming drug addiction is a challenge. And remaining free from the bondage of drug and alcohol use is also very challenging to do. Some people have a difficult time staying on track during or after the treatment. Because of this struggle, many individuals return to a life of substance misuse and abuse. This is what people mean when they talk about relapsing. But, relapse isn’t just a physical thing. It’s not just a matter of drinking alcohol or using a drug. It’s also an emotional and cognitive regression.

See, treatment involves therapies that help people to address and change the negative ways in which they think, feel, and behave. These emotions and behaviors can lead people to harm themselves through addiction. Although people rarely intend to become addicted to drugs or alcohol, their thought patterns and feelings can cause them to become dependent on and addicted to the substances. For example, a person may feel stressed or anxious often. As a way to cope with those negative feelings, the individual may use a substance that allows her to escape from the pain. After using the substance excessively, she could develop a physical or mental dependence on it. This can result in an addiction problem. But therapy works to end this dependency.

However, when a person relapses, it might mean that the negative patterns have returned. Addiction is a process. So, people do not simply start drinking again after treatment. They may begin to struggle with various emotional issues which, in turn, can result in them get involved in harmful substance use.

Overcoming Drug Addiction at Willow Place

Life after overcoming drug addiction can be difficult. But, it is absolutely possible to stay on the recovery journey that you’ve worked so hard to begin! One of the things you can do in order to avoid relapse is to stay connected to those who will help you and not harm you. In other words, therapy can help. And spending time with loved ones and friends who support your journey and keep you encouraged can also help. Also, you can prevent relapse in your life by getting involved with healthier activities. Things like exercising, spending time with friends, and other sober activities can help you get the most out of life without dealing with substance use!

Are you ready to take the first step towards overcoming drug addiction in your life? Let Willow Place for Women help you! Just contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you as you recover from and overcome substance abuse for good.

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