Stop Being a People Pleaser in Drug Abuse Treatment

Willow Place on February 22, 2017
Stop Being a People Pleaser in Drug Abuse Treatment

Drug abuse treatment is about internal healing, but how can you focus on healing yourself if you are constantly worried about everyone else? Far too many individuals enroll into drug abuse treatment only to not make progress since they are consumed in their people pleasing personality. Although it is nice to please the ones that we love, it is beneficial for those starting on a road to recovery to focus on themselves and leave their people pleasing personality behind them.

Benefits of Stopping People Pleasing

Discovering Who you Are: Drugs and alcohol don’t just take a toll on the body. They take a toll on the mind. Many individuals who find themselves in drug abuse treatment will lose sight of who they were before addiction took over their lives. Treatment aims to guide a person in discovering their true selves without the influence of addiction so that they can return to their lives anew. Focusing on pleasing others distracts from this self-discovery. Working to reduce your people pleasing tendency will allow you to truly develop your passions that may have been hindered by active addiction.

Loving the Self: Self-love is vital to the healing process in drug abuse treatment. It is rare that a recovering individual doesn’t experience shame or guilt for their past behaviors. Learning to love the self allows individuals in recovery to be motivated to stay on the path of sobriety. If you are too busy trying to please others it may hinder your progress in loving yourself throughout treatment, which could result in eventual relapse due to feelings of self-doubt, shame, or guilt.

Putting an End to Manipulation: The people pleaser will almost always surround herself with individuals who take advantage or her. This is not done on purpose, it is just that people begin to recognize that the people pleaser will go out of her way to help others. Learning to say no or choosing to do what is best for yourself in situations where you could otherwise choose to please others will end this manipulation in drug abuse treatment.

Practicing with Not People Pleasing in Drug Abuse Treatment

  • Legitimize your own feelings. Remember that they matter just as much as other individuals’ opinions. Feelings can help you to make the decisions that will point you in the right direction throughout life, so don’t take them for granted!
  • Express your feelings with others. This will allow you to put your feelings into effect. Saying what you want or need transforms your emotions into reality. Practice by knowingly administering your opinion into conversations with phrases like, “I agree” and “I disapprove of that”.
  • Set boundaries for others around you so that you are not influenced by what they want. This means drawing a line in certain scenarios. Don’t let others tell you how to feel or think. You can’t force others of what to think; so why should they be able to influence you in that way?
  • Respect other people’s boundaries as they should respect yours. Just because you have a religious belief, it doesn’t mean that you should force feed it down someone else’s throat. The same goes for any other boundary. When everyone is free to have their own thoughts, opinions, and beliefs, it is easier to live in peace with one another.

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