Is a Woman in Your Life Showing Physical Signs of Drug Use?

Willow Place on November 13, 2018
Is a Woman in Your Life Showing Physical Signs of Drug Use?

Sadly, a lot of people know first hand what it’s like to see a friend or family member struggle with substance abuse. Many people have helplessly watched a loved one’s life spiral because of harmful drug use habits. They’ve felt hopeless as they searched in vain for a good facility where their loved one could get help for addiction. Others have been completely surprised by the fact that their friend or family member had a substance problem. This might be because they hadn’t noticed any of the early signs of drug abuse. Perhaps you’re wondering if someone you know is struggling with addiction. Maybe you’re unsure about the signs of substance abuse. If so, it’s helpful to know about the physical signs of drug use. With a little information about this matter, you might be able to recognize some red flags in your loved one’s life. As a result, you can get her the help she needs before the problem gets worse.

The Truth About Substance Abuse

It’s difficult to deal with a substance addiction. People who abuse drugs or alcohol have a dependence on those substances. This means that they can’t quit using them. The body starts to depend on the things that you use on a regular basis. So, if you consume alcohol or use a drug frequently, your body will begin to depend on that substance. As a result, you won’t feel “normal” if you don’t use the drug or alcohol for a while. Your body will go into a sort of shock. We call this “withdrawal”. This state can be extremely uncomfortable and can even lead to some serious issues. So, in order to avoid feeling this way, people who are dependent on drugs return to using the substance. This is why it’s so hard for individuals to overcome drug abuse and addiction.

It’s important to mention that all sorts of drugs can be addicting. Some people use illicit drugs like heroin while others depend on pain meds. But, no matter what kind of substance a person becomes dependent on, the results will be very harmful. Addiction always has a negative impact on the lives of those who are suffering from it. So, if you have a loved one who is using any type of drug, even if it is a medication, it’s helpful for you to know the physical signs of drug use and abuse. Again, if you know more about the signs and symptoms of addiction, you can take the necessary actions to help her get treatment right away.

Some Physical Signs of Drug Use

Now that we’ve discussed a little bit about addiction, we can take a look at some of the physical signs of drug use. Your loved one may need treatment for drug abuse if:

  • She has bloodshot eyes.
  • She often experiences shakiness and tremors.
  • You have noticed that she has lost or gained weight suddenly.
  • She is having sleeping problems (excessive or lack of sleep)
  • She is using a medication outside of the recommended use.
  • Stealing money, “doctor shopping”, or dishonesty have become habits for her.
  • She is avoiding questions or conversations about substance use.
  • Your loved one has become isolated from family or friends.
  • She spends time with others who use.
  • She has lost interest in things she used to enjoy.

If you’ve noticed any of these physical signs of drug use, it’s time to call the professionals for help. Your loved one may be suffering from a drug use problem. But you can help her by contacting us here at Willow Place for Women. Allow us to help the woman in your life today.

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