The Benefits of Process Groups During Eating Disorder Rehab

Willow Place on June 12, 2018
The Benefits of Process Groups During Eating Disorder Rehab

There are many factors that can lead to eating disorders. There are also many ways to overcome and treat these issues. Eating disorder rehab and recovery are different for everyone. The process can be long and hard. That’s why it’s so important to get the best treatment possible. Sometimes, the best way to muddle through the recovery journey is to do it with the help of others. It’s important to establish accountability as you recover from an eating disorder. So, one of the things you can do is get involved in a process group.

What is a Process Group and How Does it Help?

Willow Place for WomenGoing through eating disorder rehab isn’t the easiest thing in the world. It’s hard to change your way of thinking. It’s difficult to adjust your perception of yourself. There are so many challenges involved in changing your lifestyle. Certainly, you want to develop healthier cognitive and behavioral patterns. But, it’s tough to do this when you’ve been living a specific way for a while. But, as you walk through the process of eating disorder rehab, you’ll find that the benefits are endless. There is so much freedom in releasing and overcoming these problems.

A process group is designed to help people as they go through treatment. These groups can help those who are in recovery from addiction and substance dependence. Process groups can also assist those who are working to get past various disorders. They consist of a small group of people that meet together a couple times a week. During the meetings, the group members can get support and encouragement from one another. They can set goals and talk about their plans for activities.

The benefit of a process group during eating disorder rehab is structure. A lot of times, the lack of structure in people’s lives causes them to develop harmful habits. But, as a person goes through rehabilitation and treatment, she can gain the structure she needs. This will help her to develop self-confidence and discipline. It will also help to keep her from relapsing and falling back into those negative habits.

Comfort and Accountability

Everyone needs to know that they’re not alone. Everybody needs a friend from time to time. Process groups meet both of those needs. One of the problems with eating disorders is that it creates distance. The person suffering often does so in silence. She sometimes feels completely alone in her struggle. But, through group therapy and treatment, she can see that there are others who are also dealing with the same issues. And, although everyone’s battle is different, people find comfort in knowing that others are fighting for freedom right along with them.

Another great thing about having process groups as a part of eating disorder rehab is accountability. When people know that they aren’t alone and that they have support, they are more likely to stick to their plan. Whether it’s someone in therapy for addiction or for eating disorders, it’s important to spend time with others. Set your goals; make beneficial decisions. Then, share those intentions with those around you. It will help you to keep moving forward, even when you feel discouraged. Eating disorder rehab is difficult. But, you can find your way to complete freedom and healthiness if you persevere!

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