Evidence-Based Therapies

Process Groups

Here at Willow Place for Women, we believe in the power of support. We like to get together as a group of women to talk about our needs each week. This is known as our process group. This is a time where our clients come together, discuss and “process” what events occurred over the week/weekend, what triggers popped up, what emotions they felt, etc.

Process Group Therapy: Safe Environment to Share Feelings

Process Group Therapy in Asheville | Willow Place for WomenUndoubtedly, individuals in treatment for both addiction, eating disorders, and mental health issues will experience different thoughts, cravings, feelings, and experiences. But, through sharing these individual experiences, the weight doesn’t have to be carried alone and trusting relationships can be established, which are imperative to the success of recovery. The goal of process groups is to establish a trusting community relationship between peers so that useful group therapy sessions can be obtained.

Developing Helpful Social Skills with Process Group Therapy

Being a part of a community allows individuals to learn how to socially interact in a positive, healthy way. During active addiction or eating disorders, individuals may not utilize healthy lifestyle patterns and work very hard to remain isolated from others. So, those who have spent years trying to avoid social interaction will have to relearn a number of techniques throughout treatment. This way, recovering individuals have the skills needed to live free from their addiction or eating disorders and also be able to develop healthy and meaningful relationships.

During process groups, individuals begin to learn to express themselves to others. Additionally, they learn to listen and interact with others based on their experiences. While it may seem like simple social interactions, developing these social skills can help to prevent relapse, develop a supportive social circle, and even increase an individual’s state of wellbeing.

Exercising Accountability through Process Group Therapy

Process Group Therapy in Asheville | Willow Place for WomenDealing with recovery from eating disorders and addiction is tough but, it’s easier when you have support from every direction. Because we understand the concept of support, we also understand the concept of accountability. Process groups help to keep individuals focused on the goals at hand because they include peer accountability. For example, when those in treatment understand that their peers in recovery are expecting them to practice what they’ve learned in treatment, they are less likely to be overcome by relapse triggers. They are also more likely to reach out for help when they need it. This is because they have people who want to see them succeed in their recovery.

Process Groups Address Themed Issues

Compared to individual-styled therapy, these sessions are a bit looser. They allow for the session to go where group members need that week. This way, what is talked about is relevant to what is going on in the lives of the group participants. Typically, these groups will have generalized themes. So, for example, there might be a number of individuals who are struggling with cravings that week. The process group may start with an open-ended question about the struggles of dealing with cravings outside of treatment.

Do you think that you could benefit from the community accountability and support that comes with the open environment of process groups? If so, then Willow Place for Women in Asheville, North Carolina is right for you! To find out more about our facility and what we do to support women in recovery from addiction and eating disorders, contact us on our website!

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