Special Programs for Women in Recovery

Willow Place on June 1, 2016
Special Programs for Women in Recovery

It isn’t unusual to see programs popping up for recovering addicts to help them keep sober and clean, and on the right track. We are seeing more unique programs for women in recovery popping up, and innovative ways to keep female addicts on the straight and narrow. From sewing training to working with horses and from culinary classes to budgeting training, there are many different options for women in recovery from both addiction and eating disorders. 

Women in Recovery Get a Chance to Create and Earn

A new program in Vancouver called “Learn to Earn” launched just this past March, and teaches women to sew via classes and money-making skills workshops, which they can turn into hobbies that actually help them make money and help them return to being productive members of society.

The program requires the women to put in 10 hours of work over the course of a couple of Saturday classes and has proven life changing for some attendees who now have pitched their creations to local stores and designers and are enjoying the benefits of bringing in a little income.

Confidence and Skill Building is Key in Addiction Treatment for Women

Programs for women in recoveryIn treatment, relearning essentials is incredibly important because women in recovery have spent so much time getting accustomed to doing everything with the crutch of alcohol or drugs. Learning how to live without that is a whole new story. Having something new to put their energy into, like the Learn to Earn program, is a great way to re-shift their focus onto something new and productive. 

Many treatment centers, like Willow Place for Women, incorporate life-building skills for a strong foundation for a better future. Some examples of this are learning how to cook healthy, well-balanced meals, putting together resumes, budgeting, and other life skills that are necessary to be a productive member of society.

Programs Are An Important Part of Treatment for Eating Disorders, Too.

An important aspect in treating eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia is rebuilding those same life skills that have been lost as the patient spent most of their time planning around their eating disorder. Nutrition counseling is certainly important, but being able to focus on other things and channel all of that energy they used to spend on their disease into something positive is a huge step.

At Willow Place, we know recovering from both addiction and eating disorders is a journey, and there are many steps on the path to recovery. Special programs can help make the transition easier.

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