Is it Really Necessary to Gain Spirituality in Recovery?

Willow Place on January 12, 2017
Is it Really Necessary to Gain Spirituality in Recovery?


It’s pretty common knowledge that 12 step programs encourage a belief in God or a higher power. For some who have been hurt by religion or simply do not believe in God, addiction treatment can seem daunting simply because of the religious aspect. But, what most don’t understand is that spirituality, what is encouraged in 12 steps, is different from religion. Spirituality in recovery can help people who wish to stay clean from drug or alcohol abuse throughout their quest for sobriety.

Spirituality in Recovery Vs. Religion in Recovery

For those that believe in God or practice religious beliefs, adopting a sense of spirituality throughout drug or alcohol addiction treatment is a bit easier because they already have religion as a base concept in life. For those that have a hard time believing in God, the idea of adopting spirituality seems like converting to a religion. This is simply not the case. Religion is a list of beliefs and rules that have been agreed upon by an entire group of individuals. Spirituality is the concept of searching for meaning in life, whether that be by identifying with oneself more clearly or accepting that there is a higher power more capable than the self. It’s about finding out who you really are as a being. To be spiritual does not necessarily mean to be religious and vice versa.

Is Spirituality a Necessary Part of Treatment?

Many think that going to drug or alcohol rehabilitation helps people to stop using drugs or alcohol. While this is definitely true, this is not the only focus in addiction treatment. Addiction has a way of taking individuals and forming them into different beings. Those who previously seemed to have a heart of gold have been molded by their drug abuse to behave and think negatively. It can be hard for people that have been addicted to substances for a period of time to even know themselves anymore. Gaining a sense of spirituality in recovery can help recovering individuals find themselves once again and also develop a personal purpose for life. This increases an individual’s chance for long-term recovery success since it can be very rewarding to develop a sense of self-love and acceptance that is not easily shaken. Spirituality in recovery from addiction can help with:

Decision Making: Addiction takes away an individual’s ability, to make decisions. Rather than deciding to stop using alcohol or drugs, an addict will choose every decision life throws at them based on her addiction. Spirituality gives a recovering addict the ability to choose what to believe when it comes to religion, life purpose, and a higher power.

Growth: Those that live a life with addiction are likely to stay where they are in life so that they can continue with the cycle of addiction. Once that addiction is broken and spirituality is attained, an individual can begin to grow further than their addiction would ever allow them. Spirituality allows for growth in learning, accepting, forgiving, and more.

Connecting with Others: Addiction takes away a person’s ability to be honest with themselves and others. To continue the cycle of addiction and abuse a person must be dishonest with themselves and others to allow something so physically and mentally dangerous to continue. Spirituality encourages honesty with the self, which allows for recovering individuals to connect with others as well.

Wonderment: Those that have lived a life full of addiction to drugs or alcohol have lost the spark in life. Spirituality allows for deeper inner growth and a renewed sense of wonderment about the world that addiction previously dulled. Those who were once unamused with what life had to offer can get a new sense of awe through developing spirituality.

Developing Spirituality in Recovery at The Willow Place

-Are you ready to gain a sense of spirituality that can help you determine who you really are?

-Are you sick and tired of your addiction determining how you think, feel, and react?

-Do you wish that you know what the purpose of your life is?

Do you wish to live a life free from the grasps of addiction?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you may be able to benefit from the treatment services at The Willow Place for Women. Our facility is designed to help women struggling with eating disorders and drug or alcohol addiction find a renewed sense of spirituality and well-being. If you would like to learn more about services that we offer, please visit our website or contact us by calling 561-512-1605.


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