Take Advantage of Self Care Activities During COVID-19 Isolation

Willow Place on April 2, 2020
Take Advantage of Self Care Activities During COVID-19 Isolation

With stay at home orders in place during this uncertain time of the COVID-19 outbreak, the nation is going indoors in attempts to help stop the spread of this virus. Certainly, it’s a time to prepare and stay as safe as possible by practicing the CDC’s suggestions. But, it is also a time when we’ll likely question ourselves as to what we can do to pass the time in a productive manner. While we don’t know how long this situation may affect our daily lifestyles, it’s still important to take proper care of our sobriety and recovery. And, a part of this is continuing to take care of one’s own needs. So, instead of letting the anxieties of the coronavirus situation overwhelm you, use these self care activities to help maintain a healthy mindset.

Practice Mindfulness with Yoga and Meditation

Staying mindful can help us to remember that every day is its own moment. And to provide relief from the worries we may be having about the future. Both meditation and yoga can help stimulate mindfulness. On one hand, yoga uses stretching, breathing, and guided imagery to evoke stress reduction. On the other hand, meditation uses breathing techniques and breathing strategies to stimulate relaxation and peace of mind.

If you’ve never tried either yoga or meditation, not to worry. There are a number of helpful tips and suggestions all over the internet. Check out Youtube to find beginner meditation and yoga sessions that can help you pass the time and relax your mind and body all at once.

Step Away from the News Every Now and Then

It’s easy to get swept up in all that’s going on in the world right now. But, it’s important not to get too intertwined with all the negativity and pessimism that is bound to surface with high-stress times like the one we’re experiencing. Furthermore, with variations of ‘truth’ coming from the media, it can be hard to know what to believe. So, rather than allow the news and the media stress you out too much, remember to step away sometimes. And, give yourself time to process all that’s happening – in both the world and in your own life. Doing so can help to keep you in the present moment and dealing with one problem at a time.

Eat Nourishing Snacks and Meals

It’s tempting when we’re isolating to want to snack on our quarantine food stash. But it’s important not to steer away from eating food that can negatively affect your mental health. And, instead, incorporate food that can help you manage a healthy mindset and lifestyle. So, practice cooking and eating meals and snacks that you’ve talked about with your nutritionist or nutritional therapist. Or, if you have never gotten help from a nutritionist or meal planning therapies, eat lots of fresh ingredients like fruits and vegetables. And, try to reduce cravings and overeating by drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated.

List Out Your Favorite Self Care Activities

Another one of the best self care ideas to take advantage of is participating in all of your most loved indoor activities. And, maybe even some that you’ve never tried before this mentally challenging isolation period. By making a list of all these ideas, you can keep up with the things you haven’t tried. Thus, keeping boredom at bay and your mental health at less risk. So, consider the many indoor activities you love or want to try like board games, reading, video games, crafts, painting, drawing, or writing. And, even get your family and friends in on the activities with the use of virtual solutions and applications available on the internet.

Take a Bath and Listen to Music to Relax the Mind

Take Advantage of Self Care Activities During COVID-19 IsolationIt’s not wrong or unnatural to feel especially stressed and nervous about all that’s happening. Of course, your feelings are real and Feeling especially stressed and anxious about what you’re hearing on the news or reading on social platforms? One of the most tried and true self care strategies is to relax the mind. Fortunately, there are a few different ways you can stimulate relaxation and mentally unwind. For instance, running yourself a bath, lighting some candles, and putting on some relaxing music. If this isn’t your thing, find some other relaxing outlets that are more your speed. Instead, try journaling to identify what you’re feeling and explore your emotions. This can help to calm the mind and also help reinforce a healthy relationship with yourself.

Reach Out to Your Support Group

One of the best self care strategies in recovery even before quarantining due to this present virus is to keep up with your community of support. This can include your friends who are in recovery, your therapists, and your sponsors or group peers. It can also include other people outside your realm of recovery support including your friends and family who encourage your recovery and mental health stability.

While you can’t necessarily get together with your support group in person, there are still a few ways you can reach out and keep in touch with your people. Try video conferencing on free platforms like Skype and Zoom. Or, simply face chat to keep accountable with your recovery support via facetime or by shooting over a text message.

Get Help if You Need It

If you’re feeling especially overwhelmed regardless of using any self care practices listed above, don’t wait to get help. Even though there are obstacles currently, there are still ways you can reach out to get the support you need.

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