Dual Diagnosis

Sex and Love Addiction

A person who deals with an addiction to love, sex, and relationships can go through several lifestyle changes. This kind of addiction causes women who have these issues to also experience other problems, like eating disorders, addiction, or other mental health issues.

Differences Between a Sex and Love Addiction

Asheville Sex Addiction Treatment | Willow Place for WomenThese types of addiction are similar, but there are many differences between the two that should be pointed out. Knowing the difference between the two can help to determine the best kind of treatment.

Love Addiction is a pattern of behavior characterized by a dysfunctional, pervasive, and excessive interest towards one or more romantic partners. This can result in a lack of control, forgetting other interests and hobbies, and other negative consequences. A woman who has this addiction constantly feels the need to be in love. She chases the idea of love, even if it puts her own emotional or physical health in danger. Usually, when a person who has a love addiction is in a relationship, it is not healthy for either of the people involved. A love addiction causes the individual to prefer the needs of the other person over her own. Her decisions then depend on what the other person may think; her self-image and self-worth will all be based on the other person’s thoughts. People who have a love addiction want to feel wanted, needed, and loved. They will do what it takes to have those wants met.

Sex addiction is similar in some ways. The person who deals with this issue will constantly be in search of another opportunity to engage in sexual activity, despite the unhealthy effects that may come. However, sex and love addiction differ when it comes to relationships. People who have an addiction to sex are usually more interested in a false sense of intimacy. The other partner is less important than the sexual fulfillment he or she can provide.

In addition to sex and love addictions, there is relationship addiction. People who struggle with this can be defined by staying in a long-term unhealthy relationship out of fear of being single. Sometimes, they even take on more than one relationship at the same time. If a person has this kind of addiction, he or she will find it hard to be without a partner.

Asheville Sex Addiction Treatment | Willow Place for Women

Dealing With Addiction

Women who struggle with substance use or eating disorders may also be dealing with sex and love addiction. Using substances like drugs and alcohol might be a way they attempt to escape from the pain of other addictions. It is common for women who deal with an addiction to love, sex, or relationships to also have low self-esteem and feel little worth. They may feel guilty for their struggle. This can cause them to turn to substances in order to feel better or unhealthy eating patterns.

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