Telltale Signs You’ve Hit Rock Bottom Due to Addiction

Willow Place on August 4, 2020
Telltale Signs You’ve Hit Rock Bottom Due to Addiction

If you’ve ever been in recovery from substance abuse or have a loved one who is, you’ve probably heard the term “hit rock bottom” as it relates to addiction. Surely, people can hit rock bottom in their lives due to a number of factors. But, it’s a common thing to associate this phrase with the addiction and recovery communities as substance abuse can often lead to a host of negative side effects.

Thinking that you or a loved one finally hit rock bottom after years of drug or alcohol abuse? In this article, we’ll discover some of the telltale signs of hitting rock bottom. And, why or why not hitting rock bottom and identifying the bottom in your life means you should get help.

First Thing’s First – What’s Rock Bottom?

When people talk about “hitting rock bottom”, they’re referring to a moment in a person’s life in which they feel is their lowest point. So, obviously, the definition of hitting rock bottom is different for every person. For those living in active addiction, hitting rock bottom means the same, but includes experiencing consequences of substance abuse.

The consequences of addiction are anything but mild. So, when people hit rock bottom in addiction, it may be a defining moment in people’s lives. Sometimes, for people living with addiction, hitting rock bottom is the defining moment that they realize they have a problem with substance abuse. And, that they may need to seek help from medical and mental health professionals.

Signs That You’ve Hit Rock Bottom

Wondering if that moment has come in your life? Many people who have abused drugs or alcohol have had their own, personal experience with hitting rock bottom. And, while the experience differs from person to person, some of the signs of rock bottom many people in recovery recall include:

  • Being evicted from your home
  • Getting in trouble with the law
  • Losing your job
  • Getting into financial trouble
  • Failing classes, dropping out, or being kicked out of school
  • Getting a divorce or other family issues
  • Irritable, irrational outbursts that impact relationships negatively
  • Overdosing
  • Getting hurt or injured due to drug use

Some may experience all of the above consequences of addiction and even more to get to rock bottom. However, some may only experience a few or just simply recognize the consequences of their addiction and realize that they need help. In either case, experiencing one or more of these signs and symptoms and recognizing your problem with substance abuse may mean that you’ve already hit rock bottom.

Think You’ve Hit Rock Bottom

If you’re reading this article and pondering all the negative consequences that substance abuse has on your life, you may already be at rock bottom. Or, you may just understand that you don’t want addiction to rule your life anymore.

It’s a common misconception that a person MUST hit rock bottom before they get help for drugs or alcohol. That thought must stem from the fact that only you as a person can decide to get help and stay committed to recovery. However, it’s not necessarily true that you HAVE to hit rock bottom in order to successfully recover from drug or alcohol abuse. In many cases, people realize they need professional help before having to live through some of the worst consequences of substance abuse.

So, whether you think you may have hit rock bottom or not, if you see substance abuse as an issue in your own life, it’s time to consider getting the help you need.

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