How a Sober Living House Can Boost your Sobriety

Willow Place on January 16, 2017
How a Sober Living House Can Boost your Sobriety


More often than not, people that have enrolled into drug or alcohol addiction treatment will turn back to addictive behaviors in the few weeks that treatment ends. This fact is not to scare you, it is to inform you of the truth. Recovery isn’t easy, it takes effort every moment of every day. But, with the right tools and motivation, it is possible. A word of advice; take all of the help that you can. Treatment does not have to end as soon as a 90-day program is up. For many, as the statistics show from relapse rates in early recovery, 90 days of treatment just isn’t enough. A sober living house is that added help after treatment that can aid you in assimilating back into society while also working to attain sobriety.

What is a Sober Living House?

A sober living house is an addiction treatment aftercare option offered to all patients that attend treatment at The Willow Place for Women locations. They are designed to help women that have completed a stay in either inpatient or outpatient treatment to assimilate back into society while furthering to continue their recovery journey. Women that live in the houses have much more freedom than they did during treatment but do have to adhere to a set of house rules that include drug tests, household chores, and curfews. The environment is designed to help women in early recovery not revert back to old lifestyle choices and relapse.

What are the Benefits of Staying in a Sober Living House?

Safety: Many people that attend drug or alcohol addiction treatment won’t have a place to go back to besides the place they were before treatment commenced. Even worse, most of the time these places are environments where drug or alcohol use is not only enabled, it is encouraged. These types of environments are dangerous to those in early recovery as they may give the individual reason to justify drug use and revert back to using. Choosing a sober living house option allows individuals with a place to stay that encourages sobriety, recovery growth, and most of all; safety.

Transition: Going from drug use to detox and treatment is a huge change, but going from treatment back into the real world is the most challenging change for an individual in recovery. Fortunately, sober living homes provide a transition between the two, making it a little easier to jump from one treatment back into the real world. Additionally, although a sober living home may require mandatory meetings within a certain amount of days or drug tests every other week, sober living programs are pretty flexible. The length of stay and intensive therapy options are up to the individual in recovery. Lastly, often times individuals have lost their jobs or had to relocate to attend treatment. For these individuals, it is important to decide where they want their life to go now that they have attained sobriety. Sober living environments allow for individuals to simultaneously focus on their recovery while attending school or going to work. There are even job placement services through the sober living housing that provide help with resumes, job interviews, and college applications.

Gender Specific: Willow Place for Women’s sober living home options are gender specific, meaning that they are only for women. This allows for more focus on sobriety since there are no intimate distractions from the opposite sex. Also, studies show that individuals are more likely to open up and trust those from the same gender. This allows for more growth and learning to occur during group therapy sessions. Additionally, it a gender specific environment allows for individuals to gain support from others who do not wish to enable but encourage sobriety.

Willow Place for Women Sober Living House

There are a few different options for sober living homes offered by The Willow Place for Women. First of all, there are three separate locations; West Palm Beach, Florida, St. Augustine, Florida and Asheville, North Carolina. West Palm Beach and St. Augustine are locations with one house each and Asheville provides three sober living home options. To find out more and see pictures of each one of the sober living homes available through Willow Place for Women, please view our website for more information. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-888-651-4212 so that we may address any of your concerns.


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