Qualities of Sober Living Programs to Look For

Willow Place on September 18, 2017
Qualities of Sober Living Programs to Look For

It’s no secret that the benefits of sober living programs can greatly aid individuals transitioning from treatment back into daily life. But, it’s also no secret that the days of early recovery can be the most challenging. So, it’s important that the sober living programs selected possess qualities which can help to prevent relapse. Also, you want to make sure that you select a program in which you can be provided with the means to assimilate successfully back into society with confidence. Before choosing the sober living program you’ll take part in, make sure to ask about the qualities you are looking for!

Necessary Qualities of Sober Living Programs

Composition: First and foremost, you’ll want to know the composition of the program. Without a set structure, recovering individuals are at risk of reverting back to addictive behaviors. A composite structure will allow recovering individuals to learn how to develop set schedules which abide by rules of recovery. Sober living programs aren’t just some place to live once treatment is over. They are a place which recovering individuals learn how to implement skills and methods of treatment into daily life so that long-term recovery is possible. And, just as treatment, composition, and structure are needed to obtain this success.

Opportunity: Just because a person has graduated from treatment, it doesn’t mean they have all they need to start a new, drug-free life. Sober living programs should offer resources to allow individuals the opportunity to grow. This may include transportation and utilization of 12 step meetings, resume building, job interview help, student education guidance, and additional resources. Sober living programs should be a stepping stone to the next phase of recovery. Individuals living in sober living homes are at the part of their recovery in which they need to implement aspects of daily life. So, homes need to provide resources to make this process of transitioning possible.

Experience: Sober living programs have received a lot of scrutiny throughout the past few years. Instead of helping others in recovery, a number of individuals used halfway facilities as a loophole for insurance fraud. While the federal government has cracked down on these facility owners and the workings of the entire recovery industry, there is still reason for concern that facilities may not be run by the best or most experienced staff. So, before making a commitment, ask about the experience of the staff, relapse rates of recovered individuals, and current reviews of the facility. This will give you the confidence of knowing you’ve made a decision on a facility which offers a compassionate staff which actually cares about your recovery healing.

Accountability: Along with a structured composition, a sober living program should include accountability. Recovering individuals living in sober housing environments are given more freedom than they would in a treatment setting. So, keeping individuals accountable for their actions helps to concurrently keep them sober. Accountability measures in sober living environments may include frequent drug testing, mandatory presence of 12 step meetings or therapy sessions, house chores, and nightly curfews.

Support: One of the most important things that a sober living environment can offer residents is support. Without support, individuals who have recently graduated a treatment program are at great risk for relapsing. You want to make sure that the sober living environment you choose will be one which completely supports and honors your recovery. Supportive housing will include implementation into the recovery community which surrounds it. This may involve participation in community volunteer efforts, group counseling services, and medical health services.

Receiving the Benefits of Sober Living Programs Yourself

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