Staging an Intervention for Your Loved One the Right Way

Willow Place on February 12, 2018
Staging an Intervention for Your Loved One the Right Way

Whether your loved one suffers from addiction or an eating disorder, sometimes it comes to the point where staging an intervention is necessary. Many see this as a last-ditch effort to save the person, and when it is executed correctly, it can be very effective. No matter what your intervention is about, it is all about having a plan beforehand and making sure the right people are involved. The right intervention can save your loved one’s life by getting them the treatment they need so desperately.

Staging an Intervention the Right Way

When it comes to eating disorders or addiction, denial plays a big role. The person who is affected might not realize how bad their position is, and they can very well be in denial of the fact that they need help. Because of this, it is essential to approach the situation carefully so that they don’t get cornered, intimidated, and ultimately scared off.

When you are staging an intervention, plan ahead. Here’s what you need to make sure you do.

Engage the right people. You want to make sure there is no drama, and that no one there is going to fly off the handle and attack the person you are trying to get help for. It is normal that this will be an emotional event, but everyone’s emotions should be within reason, and nothing but support and love should be shown to the person. The last thing you want is for your intervention to turn into a war zone.

Rehearse. Once you have your people in place, run through what each person is going to say. It doesn’t need to sound forced, but by rehearsing what will happen there will be fewer surprises and everyone involved will be on the same page. Also, you can eliminate repetitions and unnecessary talking in the rehearsal instead of enduring it during the actual intervention.

Pick the right place. You want to make sure that the person you are trying to help feels safe and not attacked. So, the place you hold your intervention should be a neutral place without a history of negative emotions or where bad things happened.

Have a treatment plan in place. If your loved one agrees to get help for their addiction or eating disorder, you want to be able to jump right in and get them help asap. It is easy for them to have a change of heart, so it is essential to be equipped by doing your research. Know what treatment centers are available and what the next steps are. The swifter you get them into treatment, the better. Here at Willow Place for Women, we offer daytime treatment for women struggling with both addiction and eating disorders.

When it comes time for your intervention, it is important to get your point across and make sure the person knows they are loved and that you are presenting them with the best possible options. When it comes to both addiction and eating disorders, time is of the essence. These are real conditions that can cause a person to suffer mentally and physically, and the more time that passes the worse it gets. Without treatment, both eating disorders and addiction can lead to death.

Staging an intervention takes work to make sure it is done correctly. However, putting that time and effort it is definitely worth it, especially when it is successful and your loved one agrees to get help. By holding an intervention, you may actually be saving their lives.

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