Choosing Summertime for Outpatient Eating Disorder Treatment

Willow Place on June 12, 2019
Choosing Summertime for Outpatient Eating Disorder Treatment

The summertime can bring about a number of challenging triggers for women struggling with eating disorders. Summer barbeques, birthday parties, Fourth of July gatherings, and simply spending more time with loved ones can bring about anxiety and worry for these individuals. This is what makes the summertime a perfect time to get help for eating disorders with outpatient eating disorder treatment. It allows these women the chance to steer clear of summer body expectations and triggering events while providing them the help they need to establish a healthy lifestyle before going back to their daily routine in the fall.

Challenges of Summertime for Women Struggling with Eating Disorders

Every day may be a challenge for individuals struggling with eating disorders. But, the summertime may bring about even more of a challenge. This is due to a number of different factors including:

Choosing Summertime for Outpatient Eating Disorder TreatmentBody Image: We’ve all heard the saying, “sun’s out buns out”, or something similar. Everyone knows the summertime is when the sun shines its brightest. And most people spend more time at the pool, driving to the beach, or simply spending more time outdoors. All this sunlight means showing more skin. However, all this attention on showing skin and being in a swimsuit 24/7 during the summer months can trigger anxiety, discomfort, and even shame for women struggling with body dysmorphia.

Physical Activity: With the great weather and summer holidays, there are often more physical events around the summer months. However, being out in the sun and engaging in outdoor sporting events requires a higher caloric intake. While this may be an easily manageable thing for the regular eater, those who struggle with eating disordered behaviors may find this difficult.

Social Media: With time off from school and all the summer events and holidays social media floods with unreal expectations for summer body types. This can be overwhelming for women struggling with body dysmorphia as they feel increased pressure to manage unrealistic body expectations.

Changing Routines: With summer comes time off from school. If a woman struggling with eating disorders is in high school or college, this change can be detrimental. Without supervision or a set schedule, individuals struggling with eating disorders may find it harder to keep up with managing healthy eating habits.

Outpatient Eating Disorder Treatment in the Summer is Perfect for Students

Young adults and high school students may find it easier to get help for an eating disorder in the summertime. Mainly, because of the break they get from school. This can not only offer more time to focus on healing and recovery, but also provide privacy. Many people don’t want everyone to know their getting help for an eating disorder. So, deciding upon summer as the time to do so can offer these individuals the chance to not to have to tell individuals they don’t want to know.

Furthermore, outpatient eating disorder treatment means not having to leave home to get help. This is because outpatient treatment requires only a few hours during the daytime to receive care. This allows many individuals to get the help they need in the summertime so they can get back to going to school in the fall. And do so with the knowledge they’ve gained during their time in treatment.

Enrolling in Summertime Outpatient Eating Disorder Treatment

Do you think that summer is the best time to get the help you need to heal from eating disorder behaviors? If so, Willow Place for Women is here to help.

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