Is A Supportive Housing Program the Right Thing For Me?

Willow Place on May 3, 2018
Is A Supportive Housing Program the Right Thing For Me?

There are so many women are currently living with substance dependence and various eating disorders. Thankfully, there are several programs and therapy methods that are designed to help people who are dealing with these illnesses and disorders. But, it’s not always easy to figure out which of these options is best for the person in need. If you’re looking for some assistance with addiction recovery, you might want to consider a supportive housing program. There are several benefits to being involved in a program like this. It could possibly be exactly what will work for you.

What is a Supportive Housing Program?

You may have heard of a halfway house or a sober living facility. A supportive housing program is slightly different than those two recovery environments. It is more like a sober housing program, not a sober living environment. Sober living facilities are designed for those who have already completed treatment. They are literally thought of as a halfway point between addiction recovery and “regular” life on the other side of addiction. But, a supportive housing program is designed to help people get used to everyday life during recovery treatment. A supportive housing program offers individuals a structured environment while they are going through the recovery process.

Supportive housing presents its own benefits to people who are in recovery from substance dependence and eating disorders. Advantages of a supportive housing program include:

Support: The name of this program says a lot about what it offers. Women who become a part of the supportive housing program can receive care and support from peers and specialists. A good support system allows people the opportunity to have accountability. It also gives individuals a sense of community and helps them to remember that they are not alone.

Reduced relapse possibility: When women who are in recovery live at home while attending regular treatment sessions, they may run into a lot of temptation. Often, the environment at home can cause people to develop substance dependence in the first place. In some cases, family and friends may not know how to properly support those who are trying to overcome addiction or eating disorders. When an individual is in a more structured setting, they can get the help they need. This will allow the person to have a lower risk for relapse.

Care: A supportive housing program offers people medical care and clinical attention. This is helpful for those who have struggled with substance dependence or some other harmful disorder. It’s also beneficial for those who are dealing with trauma. All of these issues can be treated while the person is enrolled in a housing program. And, it’s best to receive care and guidance from a professional.

Think Supportive Housing Might Work For You?

Now, you know a little more about what supportive housing programs are and what kind of benefits they offer. Do, you think it might be the type of program that can help you get through the recovery process? A supportive housing program has worked for many people and just might be exactly what you need.

Here at Willow Place For Women, we offer treatment to those who are dealing with substance dependence, trauma, and eating disorders. Our mission is to see our clients completely free from harmful addiction and disorders. We understand that every situation is unique and every struggle is different. That’s why we offer various therapy programs. It’s also why we offer people the opportunity to stay in environments that benefit them on the journey to full recovery.

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