Supportive Therapies

While traditional therapy for addiction and eating disorders are definitely effective, supportive therapies can also help individuals gain the skills needed to recover successfully. There is no one right way to recover. And, therapies which may help one person may not work to help the next. That’s why it’s important to make a number of therapeutic techniques available to those in treatment. Plus, supportive therapies offer a number of benefits, and each person may get something different from time spent in these types of therapies.

What is Supportive Therapy?

Asheville Addiction Therapy | Willow Place for WomenTraditional medications and therapies aim to identify an issue and deal with the symptoms–emotional or physical pain. However, supportive therapies not only intend to address pain but to identify where this pain is coming from. This way, the symptom of pain is not only addressed, but the underlying issues are as well. Many supportive therapies utilized throughout addiction treatment are holistic. Holistic medicine comes from the Eastern world and has been used for mental, physical, and emotional health since the beginning of mankind. The idea behind holistic medicine is to treat the body as a whole. This means that instead of establishing that pain is arising due to inflammation and treating this issue, holistic medicine aims to look at outside reasons that cause the inflammation in the first place.

So, if a person is experiencing inflammation which results in pain, there may be a mental or emotional reason which is leading to this issue. And, holistic therapies can work to address these issues so that the body doesn’t respond with a painful stimulus.

Whatever a person is dealing with, whether it is emotional, physical, or mental, has some kind of holistic practice which can be used to address the situation. In treatment for eating disorders or addiction, people can use these therapies to see what works best for them. This way, these methods of obtaining healing can be utilized outside of treatment too. And, lasting recovery can be achieved.

The Importance of Holistic Therapies in Treatment

Supportive therapies are most effective when utilized in conjunction with traditional therapies. So, they are not meant to be the only type of therapy used in treatment. In fact, they are simply an addition to the already experienced benefits of treatment. And they work to help individuals work in areas of life they may not in traditional therapy settings. For example, traditional therapies may not address the experience of physical pain, self-love, and spirituality. Basically, holistic therapy, or supportive therapy, can be used throughout treatment to help individuals access benefits of therapy they may not experience with traditional therapy settings.

Types of Supportive Therapies at The Willow Place for Women

Asheville Addiction Therapy | Willow Place for WomenHere at The Willow Place for Women, we offer a number of supportive therapies. We understand their impact and value. So we want our patients to have the chance to benefit from these types of therapies as well as traditional therapies. Some of the supportive therapies we offer include:

Do you think supportive therapy can help you? Would you like to take advantage of treatment that includes both traditional therapy and supportive therapies? The Willow Place for Women is the place for you. Our daytime program allows patients to continue with school or work while getting the vital support they need for addiction and/or eating disorders!

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