Surrender 2 Be Free

Dixie on August 27, 2014
Surrender 2 Be Free

The art of surrender is often a difficult concept for a woman early in recovery.  How could surrendering possibly set us free?  The principle surrounding the First Step of Recovery is the admission of powerlessness and therefore leading to the act of surrender.  And how is a woman who has so often spent the majority of her life surrendering to someone or something else’s control quite possibly going to manage the idea of surrender?  Isn’t that failure?  Giving up? Giving in? Losing?  Maybe so, in some sense of the word, however, the concept surrender in the first step represents letting go, relinquishing control of our lives and allows a Power greater than ourselves to take the reins.  It’s turning things over to a God of your understanding, or a Higher Power, that will guide our paths to freedom.

Zen Tangles are often used in art therapy as a form of relaxation and artistic meditation.  The Zen Tangle can be used to lower anxiety, stress and calm the mind, body and spirit.  It increases focus and creativity, provides artistic satisfaction along with an increased sense of personal well being.  It is often used as a form of mindfulness practice.


Here at Willow Place, our art therapists have taught the women to use Zen Tangles in many different instances, to lessen stress or increase focus.  At Willow Place Palm Beach, the women worked together creating a beautiful mural representing the First Step to Recovery and their journeys to stability, hope and healing.

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