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The eating disorder program at Willow Place has helped me tremendously. I have learned how to eat nutritional and balanced meals. I have developed healthy coping skills. Most of all, I have come to love myself, my body and all that I am. The program has changed me and my life for the better.  ~ Melissa


Willow Place saved my life, with their help I was able to rediscover the passions and hobbies I once had before I replaced them with substances. I have reestablished a new connection with myself and higher self/higher power. Before I was able to love or believe in myself, I was guided by the staff’s faith in me to succeed. I feel free from the prison of my addiction, and wouldn’t have been able to achieve that without Willow Place.~ Anonymous


Prior to attending intensive out patient treatment at Willow Place for Women, I was spiritually bankrupt, as a result of inadequate teaching and modeling early in life from an addictive system. This impaired my interaction with others and led to a poor quality of life and addiction.

The groups at Willow Place have been extremely empowering and have given me the motivation to change. Learning about the medical and psychological effects of substance abuse has helped me understand addiction as a chronic illness and therefore, helped me maintain abstinence and treat my disease. The supportive and safe group setting has helped me develop, practice and improve my communication skills drastically. Most importantly, Willow Place has helped me re-connect with my higher power and use my spirituality to give me strength.

The therapists and group leaders have been amazing and genuinely love the women who attend Willow Place. For example, I received devastating news about the loss of a close family member and had to return to Massachusetts to attend my godmother’s services. The clinical director, counselors, administrative assistant and my fellow peers went above and beyond to see that I would remain on the right track during such a difficult time.

I am able to see positive changes in myself, as well as my peers, since coming to IOP. The insight and coping tools I have gained here are imperative assets to my recovery. Christy

I was referred to Willow Place after attending an inpatient treatment center for multiple addictions and disorders including drugs, alcohol, an eating disorder that had a hold on me worse than the drugs and alcohol did, as well as bipolar disorder, all of which contributed to my life spiraling out of control.

I began IOP at Willow Place and was immediately at home with other women that I could relate and open up to. Willow Place staff made me feel like there was hope and they became my recovery family. I broke myself down in the comfort of their care so I could be built back up into a strong woman that I love more than anyone else ever could or would.

The doctors, the therapists, and group leaders were all among the best I’ve ever seen or worked with after being in 12 treatment centers. My life has greatly changed and I will be forever grateful for the care I received at Willow PlaceFelicia

Willow Place for Women treatment center has really helped me transform the trauma and addiction in my life to levels of healing I never expected, nor knew existed.

Their team of caring, professional therapists gently guided me through this amazing process. I felt safe allowing all the pain, trauma, and sorrow, which were the root causes of my addiction, to the surface. With the individual and group therapy, I was able to acknowledge and accept myself, with all of my frailties… and strengths. I gained invaluable tools for coping and managing my anxiety, depression, and ultimately, addiction. Now, I truly have a solid foundation, along with the 12-Step program support, to go forward in life free from the trauma and substances that held me in bondage for most of my life.

I am forever indebted to Willow Place for Women, they saved my life and helped me build a new one. ~ Alicia

I came to Willow from a 28-day treatment center. I was spiritually sick and a hollow shell of a person. The incredible staff at Willow completely changed my life in a way I truly didn’t find possible. Throughout the 3 months I was there, I healed my soul and became spiritually fit. I learned tools on how to handle my substance abuse, eating disorder and PTSD. I also had a sponsor and worked the 12 steps during treatment as well. I graduated from Willow and came home using the tools and the education I received there every day. I go to meeting 5-7 days a week, continue seeing a therapist and psychiatrist for medication management. I feel the healthiest and happiest I’ve ever been. I look back on Willow and almost tear up. Willow Place for Women made a profound difference in my life and I couldn’t be more grateful. It was a true blessing for Willow to be a huge part of my recovery journey. Thank you. ~ Leah

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