Identifying and Understanding the Causes of Trauma

Willow Place on May 30, 2018
Identifying and Understanding the Causes of Trauma

Trauma is something that plagues many people today. Some individuals who deal with the effects of it may not even be aware of the reason behind them. It’s important to know about trauma before we try to treat the effects. In other words, a person who is living with the aftermath of a traumatic experience can’t get the help she needs unless the root of the problem is taken care of. So, in order to properly treat trauma, we should learn more about the causes of trauma. Once people have more knowledge about it, they can better understand how to treat it. So, let’s find out more about what trauma is and how it impacts individuals.

What Is Trauma?

Before we talk about the causes of trauma and its effects, let’s first define the term. The definition of trauma is basically “a disturbing experience”. If you think about it, this definition sounds a lot more simple than what trauma really is. It’s an experience, a situation, that makes a complex and negative impression on a person. When one has gone through a traumatic experience, she not only feels distress, but she also receives injury. It may not be a physical harm. But, the effect that trauma leaves on a person can emotionally or mentally harm her. Although this definition might seem general, the causes of trauma are not. They vary from person to person. Each individual who goes through trauma has a unique experience. This means that the treatment for trauma may also vary.

Some Causes of Trauma

A traumatic experience can happen at any time. It’s not subject to time or circumstance. Trauma is different for everyone. Sometimes, it comes in the form of physical abuse. Other people might encounter a traumatic situation at the scene of an accident. Whatever the case may be, trauma usually lead to major issues in the individual who experiences them. Here are some common causes of trauma:

  • Sexual abuse/assault (i.e. rape)
  • Grief (loved one’s death, loss of a job, etc.)
  • The witnessing violence
  • Separation (from friends or loved ones)
  • Divorce of parents
  • The witnessing of a fatality
  • Physical abuse (i.e. domestic violence)
  • Severe injury
  • Abandonment
  • Imprisonment

It’s important to note that these aren’t all of the causes of trauma. Some people may have a traumatic experience that is completely different from any of the examples we’ve mentioned. Again, this is why it’s beneficial to identify the actual reason for trauma before treating a person who is in need of help.

Why Do We Treat Trauma?

Often, traumatic situations can cause very long lasting and harmful effects. Many individuals who have gone through these experiences eventually begin to deal with addiction. This is normally due to the stress or anxiety that comes along with trauma. Some people find an escape from the negative emotions through alcohol or drugs. Others may develop eating disorders and bring harm to themselves. When people go through things like this, they may go to a facility to treat the addiction or disorder. But, the truth is that those may only be the effects of trauma. And, in order to eliminate those issues, the actual trauma needs to be treated.

Here at Willow Place For Women, we know that the causes of trauma are different for everyone. That’s why we provide personal and individualized treatment and care for those who need it. We also know that other problems, like eating disorders, mental illness, and addiction can be caused by trauma. So, we work to treat our clients both at the root and surface of these issues. If you or a woman you know could benefit from our services, please contact Willow Place today.

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