The Importance of Substance Abuse Education During Addiction Treatment

Willow Place on February 19, 2020
The Importance of Substance Abuse Education During Addiction Treatment

Substance abuse education is a big part of the treatment process for those in recovery from addiction. Education on drugs and substance abuse can include a number of topics; from addressing the effects of addiction to learning how addiction impacts family members. Learning more about drugs and addiction provides individuals with insight into all the aspects of addiction. This way, they are further prepared for a life of sobriety. And, better understand what they can expect throughout their recovery journey.

Why is Education About Substance Abuse Important?

Drug abuse education is the educating of individuals about substance abuse. There are three reasons why drug abuse is so important:

  1. To help people avoid substance abuse and, in turn, addiction in their own lives.
  2. Helping people learn how to stop abusing substances before dependence occurs.
  3. To help people learn to get help for substance abuse after dependence happens.

Education is Helpful for All Ages

Education isn’t just for children, it’s for everyone. However, many argue that substance abuse education is most important for children. Parents can begin teaching their children the dangers and statistics about substance abuse from an early age. This can help children to prepare for the existence and prevalence of drug abuse they may experience later on in life.

For teenagers, education about substance abuse happens in the classroom. This is because, at this age, many individuals will start to consider using drugs or alcohol. In fact, according to The National Institute on Drug Abuse, in a survey in 2013, over 9% of Americans as young as 12 years old had used an addictive substance in the past 30 days.

Finally, substance abuse education can also be useful for adults. Surely, it can help to inform adults about the dangers of drug abuse. Thus, giving them the incentive to not abuse drugs or to stop doing so before addiction forms. Furthermore, it can provide them with the information they need to share with their children, who also can benefit from substance abuse education.

What’s Usually Taught During These Classes?

It’s important to provide relevant content during drug abuse education classes and sessions. This way, individuals involved with education take the information they learn into the real world and apply it to their own lives.

During educational sessions regarding drug abuse, it’s important to include relevance to the audience’s interests and experiences. This engages the audience and allows them to problem-solve with situations they could come across. Plus, this stimulates self-awareness so that individuals may act positively in these scenarios.

Some Key Points You’ll Learn in Substance Abuse Education Session

While it’s important to provide relevant information that people can use in the real world regarding substance abuse, there are some other key points for people to take away from educational sessions. These key points may include:

  • Describing the negative impact that drug abuse can have not only on the person who exhibits these behaviors but those around them.
  • Informing of the chemical and biological aspects of drug addiction and how addiction develops.
  • Explaining the symptoms of substance use disorder and how addiction is characterized.
  • Describing how addiction is a chronic illness rather than a choice. And, reasons why some people are at an increased risk for developing this chronic disease (genetics, trauma, other mental health issues, etc.).

Substance Abuse Education at Willow Place for Women

Here at Willow Place for Women, we offer education for everyone in our program. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction and substance dependence, a treatment that includes substance abuse education is important. This way, throughout the healing process, one can learn specifics about why and how addiction impacts their life.

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