Things to Not Say to Someone Who’s Getting Sober

Willow Place on September 12, 2022
Things to Not Say to Someone Who’s Getting Sober

For people in recovery from addiction or alcoholism, support is one of the most important things you can give them. Part of this support is saying the right things in order to provide them with the knowledge that you’re on their team. So, what you say is a crucial part of providing them with the support they need to stay on the right track. Support for people in recovery comes in many forms – encouragement, reassurance, providing a listening ear, accepting a person in recovery’s boundaries, and more. But, another aspect of supporting a person who’s getting sober is to refrain from saying certain things that could provide them with temptation or trigger use.

Some of the things you should refrain from saying to a person who’s working on recovery and getting sober may include:

“Is Your Life Just Boring Now?”

It can be hard for a person who’s in recovery to choose to get sober and reminisce about older days when they were using actively. Getting sober is something that people may weigh for a long time before making the courageous choice to do so. But, the temptation is always something that is around the bend. During active addiction, individuals may have felt that they were more lively or outgoing. However, it doesn’t mean that they no longer are during recovery. Using drugs and alcohol is not synonymous with being a fun person. So, it’s best not to tell or ask a person in recovery if their life is boring. Rather, see that their decision to become sober is a challenging one that they must stick to every day. And, that their worth is not diminished because they are in recovery.

“Getting Sober is Not Something I Will or Could Ever Do”

Making the decision to get sober isn’t something that’s easy. So, you may think that telling a loved one in recovery that you wouldn’t be strong enough to do so may be encouraging. But, it’s better to leave this unsaid. Reminding someone on the path to recovery that their choice is a challenging one isn’t helpful. Rather, it can trigger them to reconsider their choices and revert back to using. So, instead, you can say more supportive things like, “you’re doing great”, “congratulations”, or “I’m so proud of you”.

“One Drink/Use Won’t Hurt – Will It?”

When someone tells you that they are getting sober and you want to support them, it’s best to not tempt them at all. One drink or use WILL hurt. So, it’s best not to offer them any addictive substances at all. There are enough difficulties on the road to recovery for your loved one without others throwing temptations in their face. So, this is something you should avoid doing and saying at all costs.

“It Won’t Last Long”

Telling a person in recovery that their recovery won’t last or that they’ll be back to using is the opposite of supporting their recovery journey. And, if you’re tempted to say this or discourage someone’s recovery journey, this may be a problem with yourself you should be looking inward to address. If you’re jealous or intimidated by someone’s healing and recovery, it may be time to see if you’re discouraging others as a distraction for your own problems. And, get the help you may need to overcome these issues for yourself.

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