The Top 3 Benefits of a Women's Rehab

Willow Place on November 27, 2017
The Top 3 Benefits of a Women’s Rehab

When deciding what kind of treatment center to go to, you most likely came across women’s rehab as an option. Many people overlook the benefits of going to a gender-specific treatment center, but there are many positive reasons to do so. Women’s rehab is built specifically for women and the unique issues they encounter during and while recovering from addiction.

Women’s Rehab Benefits

There are so many benefits to a women’s rehab vs. a coed rehab that they are difficult to list. Addiction affects men and women differently, and women have their own set of needs that need to be met. In a coed rehab, the focus will be broader so that both men and women are addressed instead of going into more detail about women’s issues. Here are the top three reasons for you to consider going to a women’s treatment center.

We understand women’s unique needs. The staff is made up of women, many of whom have been through similar experiences as you. They are women you can trust to confide in without receiving any kind of judgement. Also, all of your peers will be made up of women, contributing to an extremely supportive environment in which you can lean on one another for support. You can relax and know that you are in a non-judgmental environment of women who are or have gone through the same thing you have.

There is no pressure of having the opposite sex around. Let’s face it, men can make women get shy, quiet, and certainly make them quiet about embarrassing or emotionally laden situations. Studies have shown that women are far less likely to speak up in a coed group than in a women-only group. In women’s rehab, you’ll have the freedom to speak openly and know that there aren’t men around who won’t understand your situation or the importance of the issues you bring to light.

Topics like parenting and pregnancy are prominent. Women have a whole unique set of issues that arise through addiction. Sadly, many pregnant women deal with addiction and need support without judgement. A women’s rehab can address this supportively so that the woman doesn’t feel judged and pushed away from getting help. All the special topics and sensitive subjects women need to discuss can be openly discussed and not brushed over as it would be in a coed rehab because it doesn’t apply to men.

Women in general are viewed as the caretakers of society. As a result, they are often the target of major scorn and judgement when they fall victim to addiction. This alone can cause women to not reach out for help and to stay in their addiction. It is important to realize that help is out there and that there are many other women going through similar – or even worse – situations. You are not alone.

There are so many benefits to a women’s rehab that it is difficult to list them all. At the end of the day, you want to make sure you go to rehab at a place that is most uniquely suited for your needs. For example, if your drug of choice is heroin, you would make sure to go to a rehab that specializes in opioid addiction. Similarly, if you have gone through a traumatic situation that contributed to your addiction, you would want to make sure your treatment center has a program related to trauma and post traumatic stress disorder. So, as you can see it would only make sense that as a women, you go to a treatment center that focuses on women’s needs. It will give you the best possible chance at successful sobriety. You are worth it!

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