What to Expect from Trauma Counseling

Willow Place on October 11, 2017
What to Expect from Trauma Counseling

In the wake of the unfortunate shooting at the Route 91 Concert in Las Vegas, the topic of trauma is prominent in everyone’s mind. You might be wondering how on earth the survivors will cope and return to a normal life, or you might be reminded of some kind of trauma you endured in your life. For you and anyone who has been through a tragic situation, trauma counseling is essential to get back on your feet and be able to return to a regular life.

Trauma counseling is counseling based on a number of things such as the severity and type of trauma, and other life circumstances. Many people who go through trauma cope with drugs and alcohol, which leads to addiction. When you come to rehab for drugs or alcohol, past trauma is always addressed, and if necessary you will go through trauma counseling.

What Trauma Counseling Consists Of

Trauma counseling can happen on its own, or in conjunction with the treatment of addiction or an eating disorder. When you first come to us, it is our job to do a thorough assessment of your physical and mental well being. This helps to determine what the primary cause of seeking treatment is, and what else needs to be treated alongside the main reason. For example, you might be depressed as a result of a traumatic event in your life, or you may have gone through something traumatic as a result of drug addiction. Either way, it is important that everything is addressed.

Trauma is different for everyone. Having post traumatic stress disorder doesn’t only have to happen after an event as horrifying as the recent shooting. It can happen as a result of losing a loved one, living through a natural disaster or a fire, being a witness to an accident or being in one yourself, mental or physical abuse, or losing your family and home due to divorce or separation. Our job is to assess the root cause and figure out how it has affected you so that we can come up with healthy ways to cope moving forward.

After your initial assessment, you will begin counselling. The first step is to bring the trauma to the surface. While unpleasant, it is important that the event and associated emotions are out in the open. You may find that you try to suppress the emotions and memories, but these always eventually boil over and manifest in the form of addiction, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, or self-harm.

Once the trauma is identified, it is important to become familiar with the emotions associated with the event. Sadness, anger, fear, shame, and disgust might be some of them. We work with you on identifying them, because chances are that you have been numbing your feelings with substances for so long that you aren’t even sure what they are. And, until you bring them to light, it will be impossible to address your PTSD and move past it.

Trauma Counseling is Physical and Emotional Support

The next step is to work with a team of nurses, doctors, and therapists to learn how to work through your emotions without the crutch of drugs, alcohol, or self-harm. Through compassion and experience, they will support you through every step of the journey. They will come up with a plan with you to develop healthy coping mechanisms that can aid you when you have emotions surface that are related to your trauma. By the end, you will be given all of the tools you need to get past your trauma and live a regular, happy, and healthy life.

Trauma counseling is also all about learning why you do what you do. When you are armed with this knowledge, you are much better prepared to handle negative emotions and understand why you might be reacting the way that you are. Together with our team, you will be able to heal and learn different strategies to live without the weight of past trauma constantly on your shoulders.

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