Why Trauma Therapy is An Important Part of Treatment

Willow Place on August 8, 2016
Why Trauma Therapy is An Important Part of Treatment

When a person goes to treatment for drugs and alcohol, they are extensively interviewed to find out their medical histories and other factors that could be contributing to their addiction. Unfortunately, many women have dealt with different levels of trauma in their lives. For some, it may have lead to their addiction, while for others, it happened during their addiction. Trauma therapy helps to bring these events into the light and build healthy ways to heal from them.

Trauma Therapy Sheds Light On Dark Memories

Trauma is defined as a “deeply distressing or disturbing experience.” This means different things for different people. It could be a divorce, a death of a loved one, rape or assault. It can be recent but can also be something from the person’s childhood that they have never taken the time to heal from. Either way, it is a significant occurrence in the person’s life that needs to be addressed in order to begin healing and recovery.

When something traumatic happens to a person, more often than not, they ignore the fact that it even happened and try to push it into the back of their mind. Unfortunately, it will keep coming back to haunt the person, and sometimes the memory and emotion are so severe that it makes a person turn right back to drugs and alcohol to numb it out.

Trauma therapy brings all these kinds of issues into the light. It’s difficult and painful at first, but soon after the problem is identified, ways to cope in a healthy way are identified too, and the work begins. Doing this kind of deep internal work can be very jarring for some people, so there is no better place to do trauma therapy than in rehab. There, you have all the support you need to work through any negative emotions that come up with the help of your therapist. If you attempted to do this alone, there’s a good chance that you’d give in to the temptation of drugs or alcohol.

Trauma TherapyTrauma Therapy Brings Up The Bad To Make Way For The Good

Trauma therapy may seem like a scary endeavor, but it’s incredibly important to face any major issues a person may have while in treatment. There, they will be given the tools they need to cope and become that much stronger because of it. Once the hard part of re-living the memories is over, you’ll be able to cope and feel a definite sense of relief and freedom in coming face to face with whatever trauma you went through.

Pain is a part of growth, and when something significant happens to us, good or bad, we need to learn to face it and all the emotions that come along with it, without the aid of drugs.



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