Treating Eating Disorders and Substance Misuse With Art Therapy

Willow Place on June 29, 2018
Treating Eating Disorders and Substance Misuse With Art Therapy

Several things can cause an eating disorder or a substance misuse problem. A person who has suffered trauma might begin to deal with a drug addiction. If she experiences stress disorder, she might develop a problem with binge eating. Anxiety can lead to alcohol abuse. The possibilities are countless. Everyday, people are becoming more and more lost in the world of substance misuse. Daily, people are struggling with harmful eating disorders. But, at the root of all of those problems are emotions. Sometimes, they get buried under the heaviness of addiction. But, they are there. And many treatment therapies seek to uncover them and bring them to the surface. One therapy that aims to do this is art therapy.

What is Art Therapy?

Substance misuse and eating disorder treatment often involve therapy sessions. Some may be individual sessions while others are group meetings. When people in recovery attend therapy sessions, they have the chance to express their thoughts and feelings. They might speak with only their therapist or with fellow group members. This is meant to help patients to address their thought and behavioral patterns. Once they’re addressed, they can be related to the addiction or eating disorder. Patients are able to see how what’s going on inside affects their actions and vice versa.

Sometimes, though, people are not extremely comfortable with sharing their emotions. Many times, people aren’t sure how to say what they feel. This can make those other types of therapy difficult. But, art therapy is a way for people in this situation to still experience the power of therapy. It’s a kind of treatment that doesn’t require many words or much discussion. People in recovery can express themselves more creatively in a stress-free environment. Art therapy can be done through things like painting, sculpting, drawing, and other types of crafts.

A person who takes part in art therapy doesn’t have to be artistic. It doesn’t require previous training. It’s just a way for people in recovery to connect with themselves and others in a way that words might not allow. The recovery process can be really hard. It’s a time where people have to come to terms with what’s been happening in their lives. Being face to face with your emotions and behaviors can be a difficult thing. But, art therapy is meant to provide an atmosphere where people can feel less pressure. In this kind of session, people can let go and really dig into what treatment and therapy are really all about: healing and relief.

Treating Eating Disorders and Substance Misuse With Art TherapyBenefits of Art Therapy

If a person is dealing with substance abuse or an eating disorder, it’s important that she has the freedom to express herself. This allows her the chance for self-exploration. In turn, she becomes able to learn from her past experiences. Art therapy offers people those opportunities through its many advantages. Art therapy:

  • improves self-image
  • encourages creativity
  • gives space for reflection
  • promotes interpersonal relationships and skills
  • reduces stress and anxiety
  • helps develop coping skills

Substance Misuse and Eating Disorder Treatment

At Willow Place for Women, we treat eating disorders and substance misuse. But, we know that every case is different. So, we don’t have a “one size fits all” approach to treatment. Instead, we provide many kinds of treatment and therapy, including art therapy. Our mission is to help every woman in our care to find the true freedom of a life free self-harming habits. If you or someone you know has been struggling, now is the time to find healing. There’s no need to wait. You can contact us today.

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