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About West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach is located right on the coast of beautiful Southern Florida – an area which has recently become known as ‘the recovery capital of the world’. West Palm Beach is an upscale community, known across the country as an ideal vacation destination based on its close proximity to the peaceful coastline and its never-ending list of exciting things to do. Those moving to West Palm Beach for addiction recovery will be conveniently located near several large meeting houses and major recovery communities, allowing for consistently available support along the journey of recovery. Not to mention, unlimited access to the warm waters of the gorgeous Atlantic Ocean.


Our programs focus on substance dependency in women and provide each client with intensive, personalized, comprehensive, and female-oriented addiction treatment care.

Substance Abuse


Willow Place for Women’s addiction intervention program gives family and friends a professionally directed way to approach an addict about their treatment options.

Intensive Outpatient Program

The intensive outpatient program at Willow Place for Women gives recovering addicts the highly attentive substance abuse treatment they need specifically tailored for each individual need.

Partial Hospitalization Program

We offer a partial hospitalization program so that recovering addicts have the option to remain in treatment with individualized care but still live in their home environment.

Dual Diagnosis

Many people who come to rehab suffer from addiction and co-existing mood disorders. We believe the best course of action is to focus on the causes and effects of both as they collaborate.

BALM Family Program

The BALM Family Program (Be a Loving Mirror Program) is designed to help families of addicts become an ally in recovery once the person is out of treatment and back at home.

Biosound Healing

Biosound healing therapy can reduce anxiety and stress for people who are in treatment, and can also reduce the amount of AMA (Against Medical Advice) early discharges in rehab patients.

Relapse Prevention

Since relapse is common in addiction recovery, relapse prevention strategies give recovering addicts the knowledge and training needed to prevent and deal with relapse after treatment.


Aftercare options for recovering addicts are available through a sober home environment that aids in the assistance with integrating sobriety into daily life.


Trauma Education

Willow Place for Women includes trauma education programs to provide information to an addict and family about the effects and treatment of trauma.

Trauma Therapy

At Willow Place for Women, we focus our trauma therapy treatment on developing coping mechanisms that aid in the moderating of emotions that stem from trauma.

Dual Diagnosis

In order for any individual to fully overcome substance dependency, all underlying issues must be simultaneously addressed.

Trauma Recovery

At Willow Place for Women, our Trauma Recovery program serves to help individuals suffering from the effects of trauma, abuse, domestic violence and symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Nutrition Education

Our Eating Disorder Program is specially tailored to treat those suffering from addiction and binge eating disorders, anorexia, or bulimia, as well as any other potential co-occurring disorders.

Relapse Prevention

Focusing on relapse is a very important program implemented within our eating disorder treatment options that addresses the prevention and acknowledgement of relapse.

“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.”


Meet Our Featured Staff Members

Dixie Brown

Executive Director

Sabrina Hogue

Clinical Director

Amanda Mossing

Primary Therapist



Tonya Menz Pignato

Group Facilitator

Dixie Brown

Executive Director

As owner and executive director of Willow Place in West Palm Beach, FL and Asheville, NC, Dixie’s vision has been to reach clients struggling with mental health disorders from a holistic approach and to provide gender specific treatment that addresses core issues which have led clients to substance dependence, eating disorders and other co-occurring disorders. Dixie holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Business Management and her Master of Science degree in Counseling Psychology. She is currently studying for a PhD in Mind-Body Medicine specializing in Integrative Mental Health.  She is also working towards Certifications in Biochemical and Nutritional Approaches to Mental Health and Addiction Recovery, the International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals Certification for Eating Disorder Specialists and Family Life Coaching. In addition to specializing in Substance Use and Marriage/Family Counseling, Dixie is certified in EMDR therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, a form of psychotherapy used to resolve the development of trauma-related disorders. Dixie is passionate about reaching clients who do not respond to conventional modalities of therapy, primarily through the use of psychodrama, art and expressive therapy she has been able to access these clients to facilitate lasting change.

Sabrina Hogue

Clinical Director

Sabrina holds a Master of Science degree and is licensed by the State of Florida as a mental health counselor (LMHC). She applies effective therapeutic interventions to evaluate, assess, diagnose, and treat psychological symptoms, maladaptive behaviors, and mental health disorders at our West Palm Beach facility.  Sabrina is dedicated to providing excellent care in a safe, supportive, non-judgmental therapeutic environment allowing her clients to freely explore causes, influences, triggers, and potential resolutions. She also specializes in crisis intervention; recovery management, relapse prevention, and dual diagnosis helping her clients find more rewarding ways to modify and process thoughts, emotions, and behaviors and develop healthier coping techniques and problem solving skills.  Sabrina is passionate about her work and is committed to those who seek her help.

Amanda Mossing

Primary Therapist

Amanda currently holds a Master of Social Work degree and is working towards licensure (LCSW) and her Certified Addiction Professional (CAP) certification. She has had over eight years of experience in the field of addiction and a little over one year of clinical experience, specifically working with women. She is also a registered yoga teacher with trauma conscious training, which she incorporates into her work with clients, encouraging them to connect more to self and rely less on external conditions. Amanda is enthusiastic about her work with women in recovery and is devoted to assisting her clients through their healing at mental, physical and spiritual levels. She is skilled at assisting her clients from a gentle and non-judgmental space as they embark on exploring their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that contribute to substance use, as well as other self defeating and addictive behaviors; ultimately arriving to a place where they can practice self love and acceptance.



Tonya Menz Pignato

Group Facilitator

Tonya is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Certified Addiction Professional. She has a private practice in Lake Worth, Florida where she specializes in codependency, families of addiction, trauma, and inner family healing work. Tonya is also trained in EMDR and is certified to administer the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Tonya has worked in the mental health and addiction field since 1989. She worked as a therapist under Joan Marineau with “The Present” 5-day retreat. In addition, She has been trained by Tian Dayton, and Pia Mellody. Tonya facilitates group, individual, and couple therapies using a variety of approaches, such as experiential/psycho-drama exercises, and mirroring. She believes in the Rogerian and Jungian approaches to healing and life.

Willow Place for Women Staff

Karen Severson

Dr. Severson loved working in the field of addictions so much, that she completed training to become certified in Addiction Medicine. Part of her passion comes from seeing so many young people dying of addiction. No one should have to lose a child so young.  She is working with JFK hospital and other local agencies to combat this epidemic locally.

She was trained at the University of Connecticut in medicine. She later went on to Brown University for Adult Psychiatry and later Geriatric Psychiatry at Albert Einstein. She spent 20 years working with elderly in nursing homes. She subsequently published a book on dementia. She is a strong believer in using humor to deal with these difficult issues.

She has loved working with the Willows as she is a strong advocate for women. She knows the power of what women can accomplish when working together.

some of our



“Willow Place saved my life, with their help I was able to rediscover the passions and hobbies I once had before replacing them with substances. I have reestablished a new connection with myself and higher self/higher power. Before I was able to love or believe in myself, I was guided by the staff’s faith in me to succeed. I feel free from the prison of my addiction, and wouldn’t have been able to achieve that without Willow Place.”


Our daytime outpatient program focuses on substance dependency in women and provides each client with intensive, personalized, comprehensive, and female-oriented care.

Introduction to the 12 Steps

We strongly believe that a 12-step program of addiction recovery is an essential aspect of aftercare, and actively introduce our clients to 12-step literature, outside meetings, and the basic structure of Alcoholics Anonymous. Our 12-step groups are oftentimes formatted as meetings themselves, further familiarizing clients with structure.

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Addiction & Recovery

This group focuses on actively repairing the devastation caused by addiction while working towards maintaining prolonged and fulfilled sobriety. Clients learn the neurological science behind addiction, and learn coping skills and healthy mechanisms that will help to prevent relapse later on down the road.

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Dialectic Behavioral Therapy

Dialectic Behavioral Therapy is a cognitively based therapeutic approach that helps clients learn to cope with uncomfortable emotions, live in the moment, and formulate healthy, meaningful, and supportive relationships with other individuals. DBT has proven successful in treating both eating disorders and substance dependency.

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Family Systems

The family plays a major role in both substance dependency and eating disorders. Many specialists refer to addiction as a ‘family disease’, not only because the entire family unit is directly involved, but also because the family is usually partially responsible, and must heal alongside the afflicted individual.

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Life and Social Skills

Active addiction works to strip women of the basic skills they need to live a happy and successful life. We at Willow Place for Women West Palm Beach help women acquire basic life and social skills that will prove essential to fulfilled recovery – focusing on self-care, employment, and other facets of personal responsibility.

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Substance Abuse Education

Many women who come into treatment for the first time do not know much about substance abuse – they simply know that their lives have been dominated by drugs and alcohol and they need professional help in order to stop using. In this group, we teach women the science (emotional and physical) behind substance dependency.

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We at Willow Place for Women truly believe that one cannot comprehensively recover if her spiritual wellness is not intact. For this reason, we offer a multitude of spiritually-based groups to help women foster a relationship with a power greater than themselves. These groups range from yoga and guided meditation to art therapy.

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