What’s an Alumni Program and Why are They Important?

Willow Place on March 11, 2021
What’s an Alumni Program and Why are They Important?

Recovery doesn’t end after you’ve finished a mental health program. Long-term recovery is something that individuals have to continue to work on daily. So, once treatment concludes, it’s important to understand that your recovery efforts won’t. But, what comes after treatment? An alumni program is a supportive community of recovery individuals that works to provide encouragement, resources, and support for those in recovery, once their treatment has concluded.

What’s a Treatment Alumni Program?

If you’ve graduated from a mental health treatment program, you’re considered alumni of that program. Here at Willow Place for Women, we believe in the power of aftercare in recovery. And, keeping active within a supportive recovery community. That’s why we make it easy for women in our care to continue their support and inspiring relationships with the alumni program.

The Benefits of Alumni Programs for People in Recovery

Essentially, the alumni program gives women the encouragement they need even after treatment ends. Since recovery is a lifelong process, it’s imperative for individuals to remain surrounded by like-minded peers in the community. This way, they can remain motivated to persist with recovery efforts and reaching personal goals.

Furthermore, not only does an alumni program keep a recovering individual active within the community, but it gives them a chance to give back. And, share your support for others in recovery by offering encouragement. For example, in the form of sponsorship or even helping to plan upcoming alumni events.

Why Do People Get Involved With Alumni Programs?

There are many reasons to consider treatment that includes alumni for graduates post-treatment. People get involved with alumni programs after completing treatment for a number of reasons including:

  • continuing with mental health support like group therapy sessions
  • making relationships with like-minded peers and professionals
  • establishing lifelong relationships with others in the community
  • participating in events and services that assist in recovery
  • helping others in recovery to be their best selves and maintain recovery efforts

Alumni programs are not mandatory, but they’re effective in helping individuals remain motivated and encouraged to stay active with their recovery. Thus, working to give ongoing support that crucial for successful, long-term recovery. If you are looking for a way to not only engage with but give back to your community, an alumni program is a good place to start.

Who Should Join?

All individuals who have previously been a client of Willow Place for Women are encouraged to join the alumni program. With quarterly events and occasional group sessions, alumni is always active at our facility. So, if you’re interested in how you can continue with recovery in a supportive way and maintain connections with others in recovery, the alumni program is right for you!

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