When You Ask Yourself, “Do I Have an Eating Disorder?”

Willow Place on October 15, 2020
When You Ask Yourself, “Do I Have an Eating Disorder?”

Have you ever asked yourself, “do I have an eating disorder?”. If so, you’re not alone. Many times, people won’t know they’re living with an eating disorder. Sadly, this results in many women not getting the help they need to get better. So, if you’re questioning whether or not you or a loved one may have an eating disorder, don’t shrug it off!

One of the Telltale Signs of Eating Disorders – Your Loved Ones

Are your loved ones asking you about your eating behaviors? Do they tell you that they’re worried about you or how you’re eating? Do you feel like you want everyone to stop bugging you about it and leave you alone?

It can be challenging when you think that people are judging you for your lifestyle. But, even if you think that your eating habits are fine and that you don’t have a problem, if your friends and family are worried about you, there still could be living with an eating disorder.

When You Don’t Know You Have an Eating Disorder

It’s not uncommon that someone living with an eating disorder doesn’t know that they are in fact struggling. This is because eating disorders often have to do with control. If a person thinks they’re in control of their actions, even if they’re self-damaging, they may not understand that there is a problem.

Furthermore, many people living with eating disorders may not know they are struggling because friends and family may have no idea. This may be due to the fact that eating disorders can also come with avoidant behaviors. So, people living with eating disorders will try to hide their behaviors by avoiding those they love altogether. In these cases, you and your loved ones may not be able to recognize these behaviors as characteristics of eating disorders.

It Can Happen Over Time – So You Don’t Even Know It

It’s most common that eating disorders begin from thoughts that happen in the teenage years. These thoughts can begin to become everyday life. Thoughts of not being thin enough, small enough, good enough. Then, one day, you act on these thoughts. And, your pattern of thinking can slowly develop into a pattern of behavior. Over time, when nothing’s done about it, you may start to believe that it’s just how you are. But, in fact, it was an eating disorder slowly forming over the years.

You Can Get Help

If you think you or a loved one is living with an eating disorder and you’re questioning, “do I have an eating disorder?” If so, Willow Place for Women is here to help. We’re an outpatient eating disorder treatment center located in Asheville, North Carolina. Our facility was designed for women, by women who have experienced eating disorders themselves.

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