How You Will Benefit From Addiction Treatment

Willow Place on January 15, 2018
How You Will Benefit From Addiction Treatment

When you go to addiction treatment, you have a clear leg-up over people who try to get sober on their own. Statistics alone say it all. More than 75% of people relapse in their first year of recovery, however most of those are people who try to do it all on their own. People who get help for their substance abuse are far more likely to see success for a number of different reasons.

The Top Reasons to Get Addiction Treatment

Every recovery story is different, and no two addictions are the same. What works for a friend of yours may not necessarily work for you. However, addiction treatment facilities are designed to build programs that cater specifically to your own needs. Essentially, they build a unique program just for you to ensure that you get the most out of your experience, and the strongest shot at getting – and staying – sober. The staff works with you as you go through rehab, so that your program is fluid and ever changing depending on your changing needs.

Here are the top five reasons rehab is the way to go when you try to get sober:

  1. You won’t have to go through detox on your own. Withdrawal symptoms suck! No matter what the substance, from heroin to alcohol and everything in between, the symptoms of detox can beso painful, scary, and uncomfortable that they immediately make you relapse. As a matter of fact, many addicts who truly want to get sober never make it past this part because of the intensity of their symptoms. In addiction treatment, you’ll be given medication to make your symptoms manageable, help you sleep, and to ease anxiety. You’ll also be monitored around the clock to make sure you are medically stable and that no emergencies arise.
  2. You’ll be in a safe environment away from temptation and bad influence. There’s a reason why you are cut off from the outside world in rehab, and that is to protect you from all of the things that can make you relapse or start thinking about using drugs or drinking. It is the safest place you can be while learning how to live a sober life.
  3. You will be given all of the tools you need to get and stay sober. Through learning mindfulness and ways to occupy your time without drugs or alcohol, you’ll be taught ways to cope with emotions and life in general without the crutch of drugs or alcohol. Professionals in addiction will help you to see that there are ways to get through everything sober, and that you don’t need to relapse or use drugs or drink to feel normal.
  4. You’ll get to know yourself on a whole new level. Addiction treatment is a unique opportunity to get to know yourself on a whole new level. With the help of your therapist, you’ll learn about what caused your addiction in the first place, and how you can prevent a relapse from happening in the future. You’ll figure out hobbies you enjoy without the influence of substances, and you may even connect to a higher power.
  5. You will have a network of peers and a support system. Once you go through addiction treatment, you will always have your therapists and doctors as a support system, even after you complete the program. You can always call for help, and some may even be available to meet with you on occasion for continued support. You will also most likely meet many people who are going through rehab with you that will end up being long term friends you can count on for support.

Addiction treatment gives you a huge advantage over trying to quit drugs or alcohol on your own. If you think you need help just reach out. Treatment is always available!

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