Women are Living with PTSD Now More Than Ever

Willow Place on February 5, 2020
Women are Living with PTSD Now More Than Ever

More than likely, you’ve heard of PTSD. Post-traumatic stress disorder is far from uncommon. Often, people associate it with war-zone experiences and military service members. Although many people who have served our country are suffering from the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder, there are many other PTSD causes to explore. People can suffer from this disorder for various reasons and it’s important to be aware of this truth in order to make PTSD treatment effective. Another important matter to consider is the fact that more women are beginning to show signs of this disorder than ever before.

PTSD: Definition and Causes

Science defines PTSD as a mental health disorder that occurs after a traumatic event takes place. People who either experienced or witnessed a traumatic and life-altering event may develop post-traumatic stress disorder. These events can include a range of experiences, such as:

  • Physical abuse
  • Sexual assault
  • Car accidents
  • War experiences (combat)

It’s important to note that individuals don’t have to experience a traumatic event in order to develop PTSD. Sometimes, those who witness a horrific or scary event can develop this disorder. For example, a person who sees someone else being harmed can deal with PTSD. Or, a person who experiences grief from the death of a loved one can develop the disorder.

PTSD causes various symptoms to occur. One of the most common symptoms is flashbacks. People who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder may feel as though they are reliving traumatic experiences, even though they aren’t. They may also experience nightmares and dreams that will trigger memories of the traumatic event they went through. These flashbacks and nightmares can cause people to sweat excessively and have an increased heart rate.

Another symptom that PTSD causes to occur is avoidance. Individuals who suffer from this disorder might avoid people and places that remind them of the traumatic event. Nervousness and anxiety also often affect people’s lives when they’re dealing with PTSD. This disorder can cause sleep disturbances (i.e. insomnia), too.

The Differences Between PTSD in Men and PTSD in Women

Women are Living with PTSD Now More Than EverThe National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) stated that 50% of women and 60% of men experience a traumatic event throughout their lives. They also mention that 10% of women suffer from PTSD while about 4% of men do.

Men who suffer from PTSD are less likely to be startled than women who suffer from this disorder. Depression and anxiety also seem to occur more in women who have PTSD than in men. Women may tend to have more trouble than men when it comes to feeling or addressing their emotions. Also, the avoidance symptom is more common in women than it is in men.

One of the reasons why women are more likely to suffer from PTSD is because they are often more likely to deal with the causes of PTSD. For instance, emotional, physical, and sexual abuse tend to occur more in the lives of women than in men. While it’s certainly true that men experience these things, women are simply more likely to go through these them. In fact, a 2015 report by the National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) states that 1 in 5 women will be a victim of rape while 1 in 71 men will suffer from this. The same report says that 1 in 4 girls will suffer from childhood sexual abuse while 1 in 6 boys will suffer from this kind of abuse.

Find Hope Through PTSD Treatment

Many women who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder struggle with feelings of hopelessness and helplessness. They suffer from depression, anxiety, intense fear, and so much more. Some even lose touch with their emotions altogether, feeling numb. Shame and guilt may plague their minds, even though they’re not to blame for their experiences. These issues can lead to major issues in relationships, whether with family members or romantic partners.

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Thankfully, those who struggle with the effects of PTSD can find the peace they deserve through PTSD treatment. Here at Willow Place for Women, we want to help you do just that. Our mission is to work with and offer support to those who are suffering from the impact of serious issues such as addiction or mental illness. We understand the importance of addressing the symptoms and causes of mental health disorders like PTSD. Also, our team knows that it’s critical for women to receive support and guidance as they navigate through the challenges of life. So, we’re here to offer these things to our clients!

If you’re suffering from PTSD and you’re in need of help, please reach out to us today. We are willing and ready to help you find your way to true freedom. Just call us at 1-888-651-4212 and begin moving in the direction of healing.

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