Women’s Drug Rehab Facilities Are Popping Up Around the World

Willow Place on May 24, 2016
Women’s Drug Rehab Facilities Are Popping Up Around the World

Drug rehab has always been a hush-hush topic, and women’s drug rehab even more so. While women are affected by addiction just as much as men, societal standards still tend to look down on women who drink or drug because of their “duties” as mothers, wives, etc. Female addicts have a good shot of rehabilitation and treatment in America, but it is harder once you leave our borders. Slowly but surely, treatment is becoming more accepted and we are seeing treatment centers open up worldwide.

Punjab is Opening Its First Women’s Drug Rehab

This past Sunday, Punjab health and family welfare principal secretary Vini Mahajan inaugurated the state’s first women’s drug rehab. This is a first for the region – no other comprehensive treatment center for women existed prior to this opening on Sunday. The comprehensive woman integrated treatment center will involve families of female addicts.

Drug Addiction is Difficult To Gauge Without Proper Facilities

In Punjab and other states, there is clearly a drug addiction problem, but authorities have a difficult time measuring the causes and saturation of the problem because there are simply no treatment centers there to address the issues. Without any kind of evidence, it is difficult to tell how grave the problem is.

Talking about females in addiction, Mahajan says “It does prevail although the degree of addiction is more in males. Women addiction is still a stigma, but they should come forward and get themselves treated.”Womens drug rehab world

All Female Volunteers Will Run Punjab Women’s Drug Rehab

The rehab center is a new wing in an already existing facility called Hermitage. There is room for 25 patients and each patient receives charges according to their addiction levels. The volunteers who will be working at the center are all women who have lived through addiction themselves. Throughout the world, people will agree that the level of care you get from a fellow addict in recovery is unparalleled – they have been through the trenches themselves and know what the addict is going through to a degree that cannot be taught no matter how many degrees and education a doctor may have.

The Stigma of Women in Recovery

If you close your eyes and picture a male addict doing drugs or downing drinks at a bar you have one image in your mind. If the same is done with a woman, chances are you have a totally different image. Now imagine if she is a mother of a 2-year-old and a 6-month-old, or, even worse, pregnant.

Women have specific roles in society and their image can be completely destroyed when addiction comes into the picture. On the flip side, the guilt and shame women feel as addicts can make the addiction get even worse. This is because they may attempt hide the addiction profusely and live in a world of denial. This is especially true for women with families. Doctors can make the issue even worse by assuming the woman is suffering from anxiety or depression and not addiction and think they are fixing the problem by prescribing medication and sending the patient on their way.

Ironically, women’s abuse of tranquilizers is much higher than men’s. This implies that pills like Xanax are the last thing women need. Additionally, because of the stigma linked to pregnant women and substance abuse, the issue often is kept a secret, and this results in 42,000 babies born each year with fetal alcohol syndrome and fetal alcohol effects.

Together we can keep encouraging women addicts in all phases of their lives to get help. Talking to someone about your problems can release a healthy floodgate of emotion. And, allow you to assess exactly what you need to get your life back on track and defeat addiction.


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